Social Studies Curriculum


Studying people and places, past and present, students realize that the world is much larger and more complex than just their neighborhood.

Changing Frontiers  has poignant photos, interesting text, and meaningful illustrations, plus it is beautifully laid out. –New York



Christian Light Social Studies expands students’ understanding of the world and prepares them for a life of service to the world and to their communities. Though other times and places may seem both strange and far away, people are much the same the world over.

We believe the study of history is important:

  • History illustrates the cycles of mankind over the centuries.
  • History reveals choice and consequences.
  • History shows the importance of commitment to God.
  • History demonstrates the hand of God in the affairs of men.

Christian Light Social Studies courses reflect the Anabaptist perspective of the two-kingdom concept of separation of church and state.



In the first two grades, Social Studies is considered a supplemental course. Grades 3-8 consist of one textbook per grade with corresponding LightUnits. A worksheet option requiring more teacher input is also available for Grades 6-8.

High School


All Social Studies high school courses consist of ten self-study LightUnits with no textbook.

Grade 9 – Civics and World Geography

Grade 10 – World History

Grade 11 – United States History

Grade 12 – Democracy and Christian Challenges

Grades 9-12 are currently available only in non-Sunrise LightUnit format. Daily work is not divided into lessons, but students complete several pages each day.

Course Components



Grades 3-8 each feature their own full-color textbook. Students complete their work in the accompanying LightUnits. For teachers wanting more interaction with students, Grades 3-5 offer the option of skipping LightUnits and instead completing exercises directly from the textbook.


Instructions and student exercises are contained in LightUnit workbooks for all grade levels. In grades without a textbook, the LightUnits include the lesson text.

LightUnits are numbered 01 through 10 (for example, 701 through 710 for Grade 7). Students start with the 01 LightUnit and complete one at a time until reaching LightUnit 10. Grades 3 and 5 have fewer than ten LightUnits. Sunrise Edition LightUnits each contain two quizzes and one test.


Social Studies Worksheets are an alternative to LightUnits. They are currently available for Grades 6-8. Unlike LightUnits, worksheets do not include review exercises. Worksheets are suited for classroom schools where a teacher is more actively involved in providing instruction and review.

Answer Keys

Answers for Grades 4-12 are found in the Answer Keys for each level.


Teachers Guides

Grades 1-3 feature Teacher’s Guides with answers as well as discussion notes, discussion ideas, alternate tests, and more. The deluxe Teacher’s Guide for Grade 6 includes the textbook pages but not the answers for LightUnit or Worksheet exercises.


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