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  1. Aaron's Civil War
    Lured by the promise of adventure, travel, and a large bonus, Aaron Stauffer turned his back on his training and his mother's tears and enlisted to fight in the Civil War. His heart swelled with pride and patriotism as he shouldered his newl... Learn more
  2. Bearing Witness
    What does it cost to follow Jesus? For these men and women, the answer was clear. They were ready to give witness to Christ in the face of intense persecution, even if it cost them their lives. From the stoning of Stephen to Nigerian Christi... Learn more
  3. But Not Forsaken
    Hans leaned against the wall for support, surveying the scattered possessions and the rumpled bed on the floor. Something was very wrong. He buried his face in his hands, fighting despair . . . Who might know where his family had gone? Hans ... Learn more
  4. By the Fields of Fish Creek
    At their new home in eastern Kansas, Eli is more than just a water boy. He milks Hipbones every day, and Dad needs his help to rake the hay into windrows. Eli also gets his turn pushing the windrows into piles with the buckrake, but no matte... Learn more
  5. Captain Garrison
    Nicholas's parents had taught him right from wrong, but bitterness and the lure of a sailor's life led him far from God. After years of braving storms and pirates on the high seas, Nicholas became desperately ill. As his wicked life stared h... Learn more
  6. Crossing the Distance

    Based on historical accounts, Crossing the Distance is the story of great distances, some created by God and others by man. It offers hope that, by God's grace, we also can cross divides in our lives.

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  7. The Call of the SSS
    "So, Fred, what makes you think you should be a CO?"Fred was at a loss for words. "I-I don't know. I am a Mennonite and we don't go to war.""Oh . . . I see on your records you had a speeding ticket about a year ago. . . . You also made quite... Learn more
  8. Christ Is Full of Love and Power
    An illustrated and narrative history of Mennonite bishop Christian Burkholder of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1746-1809). Includes translations of his German writings and a genealogical section giving ancestries back to the 1500s in Switz... Learn more
  9. A Drop of Mercy

    Heinrich walked away from the wounded soldier, but he could not get away from the wretchedness he felt in his heart. How could God show him mercy when he had been so ruthless?

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  10. From Wealth to Faith
    Years of prosperity for Christians in Russia are followed by disappointment, heartache, and suffering, first during the revolution and again as World War II sweeps across Europe. Hans and Netta face hardship and separation, but grow closer t... Learn more
  11. God's Secret Agent
    Nicu wanted to serve God, but he had not anticipated an assignment full of danger and sleepless nights. Nicu constantly had to place his life in God's hands. He began to realize his unique position of taking precious cargo to his closed home... Learn more
  12. Hidden Riches

    Hidden Riches puts a face on history. This story will help you to comprehend the sacrifice of those who came to America in search of religious freedom and to appreciate more deeply the faith and freedom we enjoy.

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  13. Loyalty Test
    Christian watched uneasily as anti-British attitudes bubbled up in the American colonies. As rebellion progressed to outright war, Christian stood by as the new colonial army confiscated his wheat and cattle. But what would be the consequenc... Learn more
  14. The Martyr of the Catacombs
    Marcellus examined the scroll from the emperor. It raised his rank and commissioned him to search out and arrest Christians in their hiding places, particularly the catacombs. Finding the task unpleasant, he nevertheless obeyed. But the more... Learn more
  15. The Miner's Song
    Mining was Ramon's life. The sight of silver ore sparkling in the light of his headlamp thrilled him. But on a night of celebration, Ramon's life took a tragic turn, and he sank into a deep pit of despair and bitterness. Unable to do a man's... Learn more
  16. Never Alone, Galina's Story
    Galina's father was arrested before she could remember. But she knew why. He was a pastor. When Galina's husband Pavel was ordained, she remembered her father's imprisonment and her mother's hardships. "I am Yours, Lord," she prayed. "I am w... Learn more
  17. Prejudice and Pardon
    Have you heard about the injustice toward blacks in the mid-twentieth century? Lillie, born into a sharecropper's home in the Deep South, faces struggles at a young age. Many times she is treated with prejudice and needs to forgive. Find out... Learn more
  18. Report for Duty
    World War I stirred hearts with intense patriotism. John soon found out that soldiers had no patience or mercy toward conscientious objectors. Though verbal and physical abuse took an awful toll, John's heart was set to follow Christ's examp... Learn more
  19. Returning Home

    Based on historical accounts, Returning Home follows the life of Johann Plett, born in Prussia in 1765, son of a wealthy landowner, and heir to an estate so vast he could not survey it all in a day's ride.

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  20. Stronger than Fire
    The story of Casiodoro de Reina, the translator of the Spanish Bible, and his struggle with the leaders of the Catholic church who did not want to see his work completed. Despite persecution and even torture, Casiodoro successfully completed... Learn more
  21. Under a Silent Sky

    Under a Silent Sky is a historical fiction story set in Germany in the 1200s. Defying the state church, Jurian has dedicated his life to translating Scripture into the people's dialect.

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  22. You Are Too Small, Little Eli!
    Many exciting adventures await a shy little Amish boy on the wide Oklahoma prairies during the dry years of 1939 to 1942–traveling on a train, entertaining strangers during a blizzard, and watching cowboys near his home. When Grossdoddy dies... Learn more

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