• Kindergarten 1

    Sunrise Edition

    Is your four- or five-year-old ready for more formal schooling? With Kindergarten 1, you can give your child a great start without the unnecessary pressure of a heavy academic workload.

    Christian Light Kindergarten 1 introduces basic concepts of learning so your four- to five-year-old can enjoy short periods of pre-reading activities a few times a week. As he matures, the frequency and duration of these lessons can gradually increase. 

    The course includes five Workbooks and a Teacher’s Guide. There are thirty lessons with approximately five pages per lesson. 

  • Kindergarten 2

    Sunrise Edition

    Kindergarten 2 prepares students to use Christian Light’s first-grade Learning to Read phonics course but can be used as preparation for any reading program. 

    Christian Light Kindergarten 2 introduces sounds and numbers but does not expect the student to master them. There are thirty lessons with approximately fourteen pages per lesson.  

    The course includes five Workbooks, five corresponding Activity Books, and a Teacher’s Guide.

  • ABC Readiness Series

    This series includes six workbooks and one softcover Bible storybook. These workbooks may be used to supplement Christian Light Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 if your student would benefit from additional bookwork.

    You may purchase the workbooks as a set without the Bible storybook or purchase workbooks individually.

    The Rod & Staff ABC Readiness Series provides learning activities such as distinguishing colors and shapes, cutting and pasting, listening to Bible stories and answering questions, recognizing the numbers from 1 to 10, forming letters correctly, tracing, following directions, writing their own names, and hearing initial consonant sounds.

  • GHI Series

    This series from Rod & Staff follows the ABC Readiness Series and is a supplement to Christian Light Kindergarten 2 if you would like your student to have additional bookwork. It provides further practice with the same basic visual, auditory, mental, oral, and motor skills as the preceding series. Simple directions are given in coloring, tracing, writing, drawing, counting, matching, cutting, and pasting.

    The books in the series are generally used in alphabetical sequence and share a similar level of difficulty. However, each book is self-contained and may be done in any order according to the child's needs.

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