Homeschool Plus+

An Accredited Recordkeeping and Support Service for Your Homeschool

Are you looking for an accredited homeschool recordkeeping program?

Would you like us to keep your permanent homeschool records?
Are you wondering who will issue your student’s diploma?
Are your students planning to go to college?

Enroll in Homeschool Plus

From the magazine and phone counsel to the solid curriculum and record keeping, you all have been such a blessing to us. –Florida

Work under an accredited program.

Christian Light Homeschool Plus is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, a Christian organization that grants accreditation to private schools and academies. This is a credible statement to the program’s standard of integrity, not a legal guarantee that a student will be accepted into all private or public institutions.
Click here to learn about diploma requirements.

Consult with an academic counselor.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own personal homeschool advisor? Your Christian Light academic counselor will answer your questions about Homeschool Plus and help you as you make educational decisions—from beginning placement to graduation with a Christian Light diploma.
Your counselor will contact you periodically. In addition, you may call or email your counselor any time during normal business hours.

Equip yourself for homeschooling.

You will receive a free training packet and the Homeschool Handbook when you enroll. The training kit includes workbooks dealing with curriculum structure, Biblical principles of education, and procedures for a successful homeschool. Christian Light will issue a Homeschool Teacher’s Certificate upon successful completion.

Use Christian Light’s achievement testing service.

When you are enrolled in Homeschool Plus, you may purchase achievement testing services from Christian Light. The test provides national norms for evaluating student progress in comparison to other students of the same age, and for diagnosing areas of academic weakness so you can plan remedial steps. (The cost of this service is not included in Homeschool Plus.)
Achievement tests help determine the recommended starting place for your student in Christian Light Bible, Science, Social Studies, and Reading courses.

Receive a report card after each quarter.

Because we help you keep records, we will send your student’s report cards each quarter based on the scores you have reported.

Earn a high school diploma from Christian Light.

Students who successfully complete the work required for graduation, pass a diploma-qualifying test, and submit a graduation fee are awarded a high school diploma. (Eighth-grade diplomas are also available.) Christian Light graduates have been accepted into over 400 colleges and universities worldwide.

Get transcripts for college applications and other needs.

Transcripts are provided for students currently or formerly enrolled in Homeschool Plus. Transcripts are the official record of high school credits earned showing the student's grade point average for work completed while enrolled in our program. Christian Light transcripts also include approved high school credits earned as listed on official transcripts received from previous schools.

You have been a great help and the overall structure of Homeschool Plus is wonderful. I needed the confidence that Homeschool Plus gave me as I started the high school years. Thank you so much and may God richly bless you! –New York

With Homeschool Plus, you can:

  • Enroll at any time of the year.
  • Define your own school year.
  • Use approved courses from other publishers.
  • Enjoy a free subscription to the quarterly Homeschooler’s Friend
  • Save money with a 10% discount on library books and non-curriculum items.
  • Save more money the longer you stay in the program as your fees decrease over time

How it works

1. Enroll

Enroll your students in Homeschool Plus.

2. Review

Review the welcome packet and familiarize yourself with procedures.

3. Report

Report student scores to Christian Light.

4. Contact

Contact Christian Light when you encounter questions or need encouragement.

5. Celebrate

Celebrate as your student graduates with an accredited Christian Light diploma!

Our daughter has been in college for two years and just applied for LPN training. If accepted, she wants to earn an RN degree. I just wanted to thank Christian Light for the excellent preparation you gave her. She has done so well in her college courses. –former Homeschool Plus parent

Need help with student placement?

Grade 1

Students entering first grade start with Christian Light's Learning to Read course and do not need placement testing.

Grades 2–8

We recommend diagnostic tests for placement in Language Arts and Math, and independent reading level for placement in Bible, Reading, Science, and Social Studies.

Grades 9–12

Determine which of three possible High School diplomas your student will pursue. If the student has already earned some credits, send us a transcript from the school or an Application for High School Credit if the student was homeschooled. Click here to learn about Christian Light Diploma Requirements.

Homeschool Plus FAQs

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do not have a payment plan for Homeschool Plus enrollment fees. However, you can purchase most curriculum courses in small quantities rather than buying an entire year’s worth of curriculum at one time. Homeschool Plus fees must be paid in full before we consider a student enrolled.

When does your school year start?

Homeschool Plus operates all year. You may enroll at any time and define your own school year.

Do you have placement tests?

Yes, we have downloadable diagnostic tests for grades 2-8 in Math and Language Arts. We recommend placing students in Bible, Reading, Science, and Social Studies based on their reading level. A reading level may be determined by looking at the Total Reading Grade Equivalent of a recent achievement test.

Can my student work ahead?

Yes, a student may work at his own pace. When a student completes one grade level of work before the end of the school year they may start the next level. If a student is unable to complete an entire grade level in a given school year he can continue where he left off when the next school year begins.

What do I need to send in to Christian Light?

We provide a Quarterly Progress Report for you to use to send us the following information: • LightUnit score and the test date for LightUnits or textbook-based course • The student’s time and attendance • A total of hours participated in activity-based courses, such as Physical Education We do not generally require you to mail us the LightUnit tests.

Is Homeschool Plus accredited?

The National Association of Private Schools, a Christian organization that grants accreditation to private schools and academies, has accredited Homeschool Plus. We were pleased to receive this status without needing to change our curriculum content. A school’s accreditation status from an independent accrediting organization does not provide a legal guarantee that a student will be accepted in any private or public transfer institution. However, it does provide increased credibility and demonstrates the program’s voluntary self-examination by a third party.

Do colleges accept diplomas from Christian Light?

Colleges and universities often use entrance tests scores and high school transcripts to determine whether or not to accept a student. Usually Christian Light graduates find favorable acceptance at a wide variety of colleges and universities in the U.S. and other countries. The work required to earn a Christian Light academic diploma is designed for college-bound students. Some colleges may consider a general diploma sufficient if the student passes entrance exams. A vocational diploma is normally for students entering the work force after graduation, but may be accepted at a vocational/technical college, or specific job training programs.

Does Homeschool Plus meet state requirements?

It is difficult for us to keep up with each state’s homeschool laws. We suggest that you check with your local homeschool support group or the Homeschool Legal Defense Association at (540) 338-5600 or

May we use courses from other publishers if we enroll in Homeschool Plus?

You may use some courses from other publishers if approved by your academic counselor. Homeschool Plus requires a minimum of three Christian Light courses per year.

What if I have additional questions?

We are happy to answer your questions via email ( or phone (877.226.8010).

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