Grade 9

  • Bible

    Christ in the Old Testament - Preliminary Edition

    10 LightUnits - 1 Credit

    The theme of Sunrise Bible 900 is Christ in the Old Testament. As students follow Old Testament events, they catch glimpses of Christ and gain deeper insights.

    Each lesson directs the student to read portions of Scripture. Explanations and activities help the student interact with what they read. This course includes exercises using Strong's Concordance and Baker's Bible Atlas.

  • English I

    Sunrise Edition

    1 Credit

    LightUnits 1-3 focus on English grammar and usage.
    LightUnit 4 includes writing essay answers.
    LightUnit 5 focuses on making speeches.
    LightUnits 6-10 are a study of English grammar and usage.
    In LightUnit 9, students write a research paper, and in LightUnit 10 they research and write an essay and give a speech.

  • Math

    Sunrise Edition Algebra I

    1 credit

    Textbook study: Algebra 1 is now available in a full-color textbook. The textbook uses the Sunrise review system, which develops concepts in increments with the majority of exercises each day reviewing previous lessons. Quizzes and tests must be purchased separately. The solution key includes detailed solutions for all exercises.

    Alternative Course: This course comes in ten separate softcover units and uses the Sunrise review system. Students do their work on other paper. We plan to offer this preliminary edition for several years while we refine the material into LightUnits.

  • Science

    General Science

    10 LightUnits - 1 Credit

    Each LightUnit includes a self test for each section and a LightUnit test and can be completed in about three weeks. This course contains the following themes:

    901 Our Atomic World
    902 Volume, Mass, and Density
    903 Physical Geology
    904 Historical Geology
    905 Body Health I
    906 Body Health II
    907 Astronomy
    908 Oceanograpy
    909 Science and Tomorrow
    910 Review

    Affordable science supplies correlating with this science course are available from Home Science Tools.  Click here to view and order these supplies.

  • Social Studies

    Civics and World Geography

    10 LightUnits - 1 Credit

    In this one-credit course, each LightUnit includes a self test for each section and a LightUnit test and can be completed in about three weeks. LightUnits contain the following themes:

    901 The Heritage of the United States
    902 U.S. Government
    903 State and Local Government
    904 Planning a Lifework
    905 Citizenship
    906 The Earth and Man
    907 Regions of the World
    908 Man and His Environment
    909 The Tools of the Geographer
    910 Man in a Changing World

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