Grade 7

  • Reading

    Sunrise 2nd Edition

    Teach students not just to read well, but to think well! This half-year course includes five LightUnit workbooks, a reader, and a Teacher’s Guide. The Answer Keys are not required if you have the Teacher’s Guide.

    The course covers literary elements such as setting, theme, and tone; literary techniques such as metaphors, symbols, allusions, irony, and foreshadowing; literary genres; and critical thinking skills.

    As a five-LightUnit course, Reading 7 takes only one semester to complete. Having class every other day is one way to spread the course over the entire school year. View the course scope and sequence.

  • Bible

    Sunrise Edition

    Give your student a thorough knowledge of Jesus’ life and ministry and a deeper understanding of how important His teachings and His work are for our salvation.

    The first LightUnit begins with a brief overview of each Gospel’s unique characteristics. The rest of the course follows the chronological order of Luke but includes events and teachings from the other Gospels. Each lesson directs the student to read a portion of Scripture and provides commentary that explains the passage. Students learn to use Strong’s Exhaustive Bible Concordance (either print or digital versions can be used). All Christian Light Bible courses use the King James Version. The course includes Bible memory work.

    This course consists of ten LightUnit workbooks and two Teacher’s Guides. Two Answer Keys are optional. View the course scope and sequence.

  • Language Arts

    Sunrise Edition

    Language Arts 7 integrates grammar, spelling, and penmanship into one easy-to-use course. Use Christian Light’s Language Arts Diagnostic Test to place students new to the curriculum. New concepts usually are not tested until they have been reviewed at least three times. The English Handbook is an optional reference book for the course.

    In addition to working with grammar, language mechanics, and sentence diagramming, students complete a book study of But Not Forsaken, a story of refugees after World War II. Creative writing assignments are included in the LightUnits. These assignments refer to the book On Teaching Writing, which is an optional resource. The three spelling lists in each LightUnit include twenty words each.

    The course consists of ten LightUnit workbooks and two Answer Keys. View the course scope and sequence.

  • Math

    Sunrise Edition

    Sunrise Math 7 teaches new skills and concepts in incremental, continuously reviewed steps. Concepts are tested only after being reviewed for five days or more. Use Christian Light’s Math Diagnostic Test to place students new to the curriculum.

    Themes in each unit are based on Christian occupations and a Biblical worldview of business, family, and personal finances. This practical emphasis on realistic problem-solving is combined with continued advancement in geometry and pre-algebra. Algebra and geometry concepts include using formulas for area and volume problems, scale drawings, proportions, and solving and graphing linear equations on a coordinate plane. The course assumes student proficiency in basic facts and mathematical operations, but provides practice to keep skills, geometry formulas, and definitions fresh.

    The course consists of ten LightUnits and two Teacher’s Guides. Two Answer Keys are optional. View the course scope and sequence.


  • Science

    Science 7 covers a variety of general science subjects that lay a foundation for the high school sciences. Because this is not a Sunrise Edition course, the material is presented in larger sections rather than daily lessons. Each section ends with a self test, which is similar to a quiz. Science supplies for this course are available from Home Science Tools.

    The course includes ten LightUnit workbooks and five Answer Keys. Each LightUnit workbook can be completed in about three weeks.

    701 God-Designed Plant Systems

    702 God-Designed Body Systems

    703 The Behavior of Living Things

    704 Molecular Genetics

    705 Chemical Structure and Change

    706 Light and Sound

    707 Motion and Its Measurement

    708 Planet Earth

    709 The Sun and Other Stars

    710 Review

    View the course scope and sequence.

  • Social Studies

    Sunrise Edition

    In Social Studies 7, students tour Western civilization from Creation to 21st century A.D. The course is based on the textbook Across the Ages.

    There are two study options. Both options require the textbook. View the course scope and sequence.

    LightUnit Study Method

    The LightUnit study is recommended for homeschools and schools where teacher involvement is limited. LightUnits provide exercises, daily review, quizzes, and tests. The LightUnit study method includes ten LightUnit workbooks, a textbook, and two Answer Keys.

    Worksheet Study Method

    The Worksheet study is designed for classrooms and requires more teacher involvement. Because worksheet exercises do not include reviews, the teacher must prepare students for tests through regular oral review. The Worksheets provide a total of 170 lessons, including tests and reviews. In addition to the textbook, this study method includes two Worksheet booklets, one Tests & Reviews Pack, and two Answer Keys.

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