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  1. The Adventures of Rusty and Ryan
    Rusty and Ryan were best friends. They did everything together. Being a puppy, Rusty has some things to learn. And so does Ryan. Read about the time Rusty went to school and also to church. Find out how Rusty became a hero. The fun continues... Learn more
  2. Alvin and Amelia's Busy Summer
    Twenty short chapters, each with a delightful event or practical lesson. Alvin and Amelia learn about nature, practice patience, experience what it's like to search for a lost sister, and more. Learn more
  3. Always Face a Panther

    If you've enjoyed CLE's Reading series, you'll love the selections in this new collection of stories.

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  4. Andy's Pocketknife
    Andy's pocketknife was the best thing he owned. Andy carried his pocketknife everywhere. One day, Andy even carried it to church, where pocketknives do not belong. He had a big surprise waiting for him–and an even bigger surprise fifty years... Learn more
  5. The Bible in the Wall

    How powerful is the Word of God? This story, set in Europe many years ago, shows the transforming effect the Word of God can have in men's lives. The true story of a man who repeatedly rejects the gift of a Bible.

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  6. Blossoms on the Roof
    It was 1894 and times were hard. When Father announced that they could get free land in faraway North Dakota, it seemed almost too good to be true. Yes, life in North Dakota would not be easy, but God was good and He would never let them dow... Learn more
  7. Bridges Beyond - Reader

    Bridges Beyond will take you back to the past–a pioneer school, a young Noah Webster fascinated with words. It will take you to the animal world–the fox outwitting his enemy and the seal who wouldn't swim. Grade 4.

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  8. By the Fields of Fish Creek
    At their new home in eastern Kansas, Eli is more than just a water boy. He milks Hipbones every day, and Dad needs his help to rake the hay into windrows. Eli also gets his turn pushing the windrows into piles with the buckrake, but no matte... Learn more
  9. Calls to Courage - Reader

    Sixth graders need examples to follow—courageous examples. Calls to Courage provides the examples in selections centered around five themes.

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  10. Katie and the Neighbors - Audio CD
    Times are hard for Katie's family–a fire, a storm, a sick mother, and a gruff neighbor. In the whirlwind of these events, twelve-year-old Katie wrestles with understanding where God is and what she ought to do.This story takes the listener b... Learn more
  11. Character Companion

    A workbook companion to the Miller Family Series designed to help children interpret the lessons taught in the Miller books and apply them to their lives. Adaptable to various age levels.

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  12. A Chunk of Asphalt
    True stories written in Uzbekistan about people there. Some stories teach simple virtues: honesty, kindness, and thankfulness. Others tell of house searches, questionings, and harassment during the time the Soviet Union controlled Uzbekistan... Learn more
  13. Clouds of War

    Clouds of war rolled over the Cloister where the Martyrs Mirror was being printed. A knock was heard on the door. It was the soldiers, and they demanded that unbound copies of the Martyrs Mirror be handed over.

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  14. Crayonbox Collection
    Eric was tricked out of a quarter and learned it's wise not to believe everything you hear. Susie and her friends thought school lunches were boring, so when they had a picnic, they laid out their lunches and chose from the collection. Color... Learn more
  15. Doors to Discovery - Reader

    Is it worthwhile to know how to read? Johnny Liklak doesn't think so. He'd rather be walrus hunting–until the day the flying whale comes. Grade 3.

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  16. Errand Boy
    Six-year-old Larry likes his home and his friends in Georgia. But Father says that God has another plan for their family. "God wants us to run errands for Him," Father explains. "He wants us to go to Honduras to tell people about Him." Larry... Learn more
  17. Esther's Good Day
    Esther loves to go to market and help Papa sell his vegetables. She likes to place the vegetables neatly on the tables and then talk to the people who come to buy them. But market days do not always go as planned. A thunderstorm, a gusty win... Learn more
  18. From Stephen to Erik
    Stephen has a special comforter–just right to give to someone who needs it. A beautifully illustrated story showing how children can bless others. Learn more
  19. The Gold Carnival Pitcher
    Mary Ellen loves her mother's gold carnival pitcher with its glowing rainbow colors, an heirloom that once belonged to Daudy Kauffman. How did the glass get its rainbow colors? What stories lay hidden in that beautiful, old pitcher? To her s... Learn more
  20. Growing With the Millers
    Gather around the table with Sharon, Peter, Timmy, Laura and Beth Miller, and read about how Timmy saves an elderly neighbor's life, Sharon teaches summer Bible school, Peter shoots the wrong deer, Sioux Indians return good for evil, and muc... Learn more
  21. Happy Hearts - Reader

    Wembo makes a late-night trip through the jungle; monkeys play a trick on Mario and Mario returns the favor. Happy Hearts continues the tradition of well-written, character-building stories for children. Grade 2.

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  22. Helping Grandfather
    Something is happening to Grandfather. On some days, his mind is good, and he smiles and tells stories. On other days, his mind is sick, and he says and does strange things that make Sandra feel sad. Through the days that follow, Sandra lear... Learn more
  23. Helping Hands - Reader

    How can Nell possibly be thankful for dried onions? How can one apple make seven people happy? Children learn about honesty, helpfulness, courtesy, trust, unselfishness, and thankfulness. Grade 2.

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  24. A Hive of Busy Bees
    When Mother got sick, Don and Joyce went to stay with Grandpa and Grandma on the farm for a few weeks. Joyce gets a bee sting, and Don falls into the watering trough, but most of their adventures are pleasant. And every night Grandma tells t... Learn more
  25. Home on the Rock Pile

    Home on the Rock Pile is a fascinating look at the Sanford Yoder family in the early years of their work in the Blue Ridge hollows near Faith Mission Home.

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