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  1. Alex and His Prayer

    Alex slipped his hand into his pocket. Something did not feel right. His pocketknife, the one he had found in the dirt under the deck, was gone!

    Alex's foster family had told him about Jesus. Does God really answer prayer?

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  2. Beyond Beating Time
    The song leader’s role in a worship service goes much deeper than starting songs and beating time. The song leader’s confidence, song selections, and level of preparation complement or detract from the service.Beyond Beating Time shares inst... Learn more
  3. Blind Johnnie
    Johnnie Wenger learns to find his way around the farm and community without seeing. He overcomes many obstacles while making brooms, assembling farm equipment, and running a store. An inspirational and true story told for children. Learn more
  4. Captain Garrison
    Nicholas's parents had taught him right from wrong, but bitterness and the lure of a sailor's life led him far from God. After years of braving storms and pirates on the high seas, Nicholas became desperately ill. As his wicked life stared h... Learn more
  5. Caught in the Middle
    “My name is Javion. I’m four years old. I live with my mom and her boyfriend. Sometimes bad things happen at our house, and I feel scared.” Illustrated with photographs on every page, this children’s book describes Javion’s experiences and e... Learn more
  6. Understood Betsy - Audio CD
    When her Aunt Harriet gets sick, Betsy is sent to live with her “dreadful Putney cousins” on a farm in Vermont. At first Betsy is shocked by country living—pets sleep in the house and children are expected to do chores! With time she comes t... Learn more
  7. A Chance to Be Brave
    Steve the storyteller, who dunked his Naaman bear in the sink and flooded the bathroom; Jeff the hunter, who slept all night beside his trap because he expected God to send rabbits; Dennis the chef, who decided that beef bouillon must be cho... Learn more
  8. Climbing Upward
    Climbing a mountain involves exerting energy, defying the pull of gravity to reach the summit. Growing up into what God wants us to be also takes dedication and effort: reaching new goals, resisting new temptations, and developing a deeper r... Learn more
  9. Creation and Salvation
    The study of science can be faith-strengthening or faith-threatening. On the one hand, the amazing wonders of the physical universe point to a Creator. On the other hand, some observations and theories raise troubling questions. Science can ... Learn more
  10. Destiny by Choice

    We all face defining moments-times of testing, personal crises, crossroads of life. Destiny by Choice is a collection of true stories about people facing life-changing decisions.

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  11. Flourish

    Flourish is much more than one woman’s story. It offers encouraging, Biblical counsel on becoming a beautiful woman who glorifies God by honoring her husband and accepting life’s challenges with joy and contentment.

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  12. God's Amazing Animals Coloring Book
    From a frog to a hippo to a kangaroo, this coloring book give children a wide range of fun animals to color. The pictures are simple, and each animal’s name is in large letters at the top of the page. Learn more
  13. God's Beautiful World Coloring Book
    Children can color pictures of birds, rabbits, horses, flowers in this mini coloring book that you can tuck into your purse or diaper bag. Learn more
  14. Grandma Myrtle and Her Helpers
    Though Grandma Myrtle has multiple sclerosis and cannot walk, she enjoys many of the same things most grandmas do. The Yoder children serve as Grandma’s helpers and learn that true fulfillment comes from willingly offering their hands and fe... Learn more
  15. Great Figures in History
    Confucius, Constantine, John Calvin, William Carey, Fanny Crosby . . . this easy-to-read book provides engaging biographical sketches of over thirty people who influenced religious history for good or ill (including Charles Darwin and Karl M... Learn more
  16. Harvest Boy of White Hill
    Fresh from the plains of Kansas, eleven-year-old Eli can’t wait to see the farm Dad bought at the foot of White Hill in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. Still small for his age, Eli dreads going to a new school and a new church. Electricity com... Learn more
  17. Heart Songs One
    The Bible tells us to make melody in our hearts, and this pocket-sized songbook provides both old favorites and new treasures to sing. Each song is recorded and available either online or by phone so you can listen to and learn either indivi... Learn more
  18. Heart Songs Two
    The Bible tells us to make melody in our hearts, and this pocket-sized songbook provides both old favorites and new treasures to sing. Each song is recorded and available either online or by phone so you can listen to and learn either indivi... Learn more
  19. Homemade Creations
    Are you a beginning seamstress or do you have a daughter who would like to learn to sew? This book includes color photographs and step-by-step instructions for a variety of nifty projects: a purse, little dishwasher apron, hooded towel, tabl... Learn more
  20. Hope for the Mourning
    Losing a baby, whether through miscarriage or a later death, changes a mother and family forever. Though the journey to healing may be grueling, the pain and sorrow can be endured. God’s arms are underneath, and His abundant grace is suffici... Learn more
  21. How to Shake the World With $100
    Many of us wake up on a normal weekday and go to work. We spend a large part of the day trading our time, talents, and efforts for cold, hard cash. When we spend so much time this way, can we still make a difference for God’s kingdom? The a... Learn more
  22. How to Study the Bible
    Concise help, especially for beginning Bible students. Gives advantages and disadvantages of various methods, but favors the book study method. The author illustrates his points with specific examples. Study Guide available.Do you enjoy read... Learn more
  23. I Appeal to Scripture
    The fledgling Anabaptist movement in 1526 faced persecution and disunity. Joining the movement at a critical time, Michael Sattler provided vision, leadership, and stability. He was instrumental in the creation of the Schleitheim Confession,... Learn more
  24. Jesus and Proverbs
    Following the teaching from Proverbs on money and business leads to wealth. Jesus, on the other hand, warned against wealth. How should we view money? Can Old Testament teachings on wealth and business be reconciled with Jesus’ teachings? Th... Learn more
  25. Jonah's Boat
    Jonah’s plan to run away from God ran into trouble when God used a boat and a storm to stop him. The colorful pictures in this board book are a fresh portrayal of the lesson we all need to learn from this favorite Bible character. Jonah’s Bo... Learn more

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