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Homeschooling in the whirlwind of everyday life is not easy. If you don’t get the curriculum right, it becomes an even bigger challenge.
Using a curriculum that is a good fit for you and your family is a key to your success.

You may wish to choose Christian Light homeschool curriculum if:

  • You don’t have hours to spend in lesson prep.
  • You would like to see your students develop independent study skills.
  • You admire values such as family, community, hard work, simplicity, and service.
  • You are looking for affordable curriculum that doesn’t compromise academic quality.
  • Your children get enough screen time without doing schoolwork on a computer too.

Parent-friendly homeschool curriculum


Are you struggling with homeschool curriculum?
Are you overloaded with a curriculum that depends too much on you?
Are you looking for a specific subject to fill a need in your homeschool?
Is your current curriculum not working for your children?
With Christian Light homeschool curriculum you can:
Homeschool successfully as a busy parent.
Keep multiple children on track without running yourself ragged.
Give your children a quality Bible-integrated education so they succeed at life.

Christian Light has such amazing products that have been very encouraging and helpful for our family. Thank you for making homeschooling such a pleasant experience. –a family from England

What Makes Christian Light Work?

Incremental learning.

Systematic daily review.

Simple, effective design.

Workbook format bolsters your student’s sense of achievement.

Most Christian Light courses are divided into 10 workbooks called LightUnits. Students feel confident and successful when they complete a LightUnit every 15-17 days rather than becoming overwhelmed by a large textbook for the whole year. Some courses require a textbook.

Biblical worldview anchors your students in God’s truth for God’s glory.

A Bible-based worldview that acknowledges God as Creator and Master touches the way every subject is presented so that your student grows in wisdom and understanding. “The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein” (Psalm 24:1).

Daily lessons teach new concepts in bite-size increments for better mastery.

Sunrise Edition Math and Language Arts courses introduce new concepts in bite-size increments at the beginning of the lesson. Your student will master concepts more easily because each new increment builds on and expands concepts that were previously taught.

Systematic daily review cements skills and concepts in students’ memories.

The built-in daily review process is a key component of the spiral learning approach in Sunrise Edition courses where multiple threads are taught simultaneously. The structured system of review exercises keeps concepts fresh in your student's mind.

Frequent quizzes and tests gauge your student's success.

With two quizzes in each LightUnit, measuring progress is simple. You can monitor how well your student is grasping the material and help them with trouble spots so they succeed in learning.

Workbook design frees your student for productive study.

The distraction-free design of Sunrise Edition LightUnits focuses your student and enhances their learning. Instead of cartoon-style illustrations, the high-quality artwork sparks interest, illustrates the text, and grounds learning in real life.

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Select your courses and place your curriculum order.

Enjoy the homeschooling journey!

My only regret is that I did not know about your curriculum earlier. –Summerville, SC

How to Use LightUnits

These workbooks help keep homeschooling simple for both parents and students.

Step 1

You remove the quizzes and test from the back and center of each LightUnit.

Step 2

Your student completes a lesson each day. You introduce the new daily concept and coach as needed.

Step 3

Your student takes a quiz every fifth lesson, and a test at the end of each LightUnit.

Step 4

After successfully passing the LightUnit test, your student begins the next LightUnit in the course.

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