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  1. Brilliant
    This beautiful book highlights the genius of early men. Each two-page spread details their inventions, medical discoveries, architecture, and art by captivating essays, full-color photos, a basic timeline and globe that show where in time an... Learn more
  2. Christopher Dock
    Christopher Dock, a Colonial schoolmaster and devoted Christian, loved his students. As he taught the "3 R's," he strove to build character and to win children's wills so that they would want to obey. He pointed them toward Christ by word an... Learn more
  3. Handbook for Creative Teaching
    An experienced teacher shares hundreds of suggestions and helps for the creative Christian teacher. Especially valuable for Christian day school teachers and anyone looking for ways to develop good teaching skills. Covers a host of topics fr... Learn more
  4. Helping Children With Special Needs
    An understanding look at common disabilities such as autism and ADHD from a Christian perspective. Explores outside factors such as medical problems, trauma, and broken homes. Although written for teachers, it can also assist parents and any... Learn more

    The Homeschool Handbook is a tool for parents who teach their children at home. This handbook contains both principles and procedures to help you operate a successful homeschool.

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  6. Homeschooling Through Every Season

    Homeschooling Through Every Season is a collection of articles meant to help families stay strong through the changing seasons of life.

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  7. Homeschooling With Joy
    Are your lofty goals growing dim and your focus turning to survival? If that's where you are, or what you want to avoid, this collection of articles offers encouragement and practical help. Written by home educators who have learned valuable... Learn more
  8. Horse Stories from the Man Who Played With Sticks
    Author Johnny Ruhl is an experienced horse trainer. When working with horses, he often thought of the parallels between training horses and the important lessons we need to learn to live a fulfilled, God-honoring life. That is how this colle... Learn more
  9. The Master Teacher
    Portrays the teaching methods of Jesus as the most noble and inspirational examples for Christian teachers of today to follow. Arranged in an easy-to-use format, this book can be used as a devotional book and as a reference work for the teac... Learn more
  10. Object Lessons for Children
    Jesus used object lessons: a fig tree, a coin, a child. He spoke of taking an ax to a tree, entering in at the narrow gate, and letting our light shine like a candle. Object Lessons for Children offers forty object lessons to help you captur... Learn more
  11. The Seven Laws of Teaching
    Republished from the original 1886 edition, this unabridged version lays down Biblically-rooted laws of the teacher and the learner. It explains the best use of language in teaching a lesson and emphasizes the benefit of review. This book ta... Learn more
  12. A Teacher for Calvin

    Laura had not expected teaching to be easy. But neither had she reckoned on Calvin. What Calvin did, he did with all his might. He worked furiously to complete his schoolwork. He played hard to win at recess.

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  13. Teacher Talk

    Teacher Talk is a compilation of wisdom gathered from the experience of nearly three dozen dedicated teachers. You'll find practical teaching tips and inspirational articles and poems.

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13 Items

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