Weekly Take-Home Story Papers

Because specific mailing address and start-date information is required, subscriptions are not available online. Contact us at sundayschool@christianlight.org to set up a subscription, or call the Order Department at (800) 776-0478.

Story Mates (ages 4-8) and Partners (ages 9-14) contain stories, activities, and other features.  Stories appeal to the rural and urban readers.  These may be used in the classroom.

Individual subscriptions $13.90/yr.
Bulk subscriptions $12.55/yr.

Companions (youth & adult) contain stories, poems, a page for youth, and other features designed to build conviction and stimulate commitment. Includes a bimonthly study outline on a Biblical subject.

Individual subscriptions $14.50/yr.
Bulk subscriptions $13.10/yr.
Large print subscriptions $18.05/yr.
Large print bulk subscriptions $16.20/yr.

Download Story Paper Samples Below:

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