Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests for Language Arts and Math are used to place students in Christian Light curriculum. You can purchase paper copies or download free printable PDFs. Levels 100-400 (Grades 1-4) are in one book, and Levels 500-800 (Grades 5-8) are in another book.

Teacher’s Manuals are necessary for testing. They contain directions for administering the test and scoring the test for placement.

We recommend that a student begins testing below grade level. If a student begins testing with concepts he recognizes, he can usually test further. Continue testing until your student scores too low to continue to the next grade.

As the instructions in the Teacher’s Manuals explain, your student’s placement is determined by the number of correct answers on the corresponding test.

Click the links below to access the free download or to purchase.

Language Arts 100-400 Diagnostic Test
Language Arts 100-400 Teacher's Manual

Math 100-400 Diagnostic Test
Math 100-400 Teacher's Manual

Language Arts 500-800 Diagnostic Test
Language Arts 500-800 Teacher's Manual

Math 500-800 Diagnostic Test
Math 500-800 Teacher's Manual

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