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  1. Christian Family Living
    Every family is a work in progress, a work needing careful attention. Whether we are training toddlers, determining courtship standards, or caring for aging parents, we need God's grace and guidance. Practical, Bible-based instruction for ev... Learn more
  2. Encouraging Words for Mothers
    This book is a rocking chair companion whether you hold your first child, your eighth child, or even your grandchild in your arms. It offers a bit of light to shine on your path of mothering. In its pages you will find lofty thoughts and liv... Learn more
  3. Fingerprints
    On the windows, on the counters, on the high chair–fingerprints symbolize the little things, the everyday moments of frustration and joy in a mother's life. This book was written by mothers whose lives have been changed and enlarged by the t... Learn more
  4. Flourish

    Flourish is much more than one woman’s story. It offers encouraging, Biblical counsel on becoming a beautiful woman who glorifies God by honoring her husband and accepting life’s challenges with joy and contentment.

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  5. God's Will for My Body
    God has given parents the weighty responsibility of helping their children become adults-safely. This workbook is a guide parents can use to help their children understand, accept, and appreciate the physical and emotional changes that come ... Learn more
  6. God, Our Children, and the Facts of Life
    We know we should teach our children about their God-given sexuality, yet the thought of doing so may make us uncomfortable. Discreetly written, this short book offers an encouraging, practical perspective on sensitive issues. As parents of ... Learn more
  7. Hope for the Mourning
    Losing a baby, whether through miscarriage or a later death, changes a mother and family forever. Though the journey to healing may be grueling, the pain and sorrow can be endured. God’s arms are underneath, and His abundant grace is suffici... Learn more
  8. Horse Stories from the Man Who Played With Sticks
    Author Johnny Ruhl is an experienced horse trainer. When working with horses, he often thought of the parallels between training horses and the important lessons we need to learn to live a fulfilled, God-honoring life. That is how this colle... Learn more
  9. My Baby Record Book - Pink

    Capture precious memories, mementos, and milestones along with facts and figures of your baby�s earliest years in one of these attractive record books. From newborn to seven years old, with full-color pages and padded hardcover.

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  10. Practical Pointers for Training Your Child
    Our children are a trust from God. We parents are responsible to God to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Their success in life, their choices, and even their eternity, depend much on us. How we need God's wisdom! Prac... Learn more
  11. Prayers and Peanut Butter
    Every mother wants to have her act together. But reality is different. Milk spills, children whine, and we make mistakes. Where is that high calling and noble work we've always heard about? This book is about the high and noble as well as th... Learn more
  12. Protecting Their Purity
    What can be done to prevent sexual abuse? How can we protect innocent children from its emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences? Should we talk about sexual things? When? How? How much? The seventeen authors of Protecting Their Purit... Learn more
  13. Rejoice in Hope
    To have a child die would be a horrifying experience, but an even greater fear would be losing them to spiritual death. The author prayed regularly for her growing children. Then she and her husband found themselves in a situation they had n... Learn more
  14. Thirty Little Fingers
    This book is for anyone with a family. Perhaps you never opened your home to a Muslim exchange student, but Sheila and Michael have, twice. Complicated friendships, marital tension and comforts, and the kindness of strangers at the post offi... Learn more
  15. What the Bible Says About Child Training
    As a parent, you have only one chance with each child. How can you handle that one chance in a way that will benefit both of you? This book provides principles drawn from God's Word that can help you make the most of your opportunity as a pa... Learn more

15 Items

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