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  1. Always Face a Panther

    If you've enjoyed CLE's Reading series, you'll love the selections in this new collection of stories.

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  2. Coals of Fire
    Preacher Peter is wakened by strange noises on the roof. To his dismay, he finds young men destroying his thatch. But instead of calling the authorities or shouting threats, Peter and his wife invite the young men in for a midnight meal. The... Learn more
  3. Courage that Counts
    Children aged 11-13 were no different in pioneer days than they are today. Their way of living was different, their pace of life slower, but it still took courage to overcome the challenges of growing up, just like it does today. Learn more
  4. In the Whale's Belly

    What does life mean? How can I find God? What does God want of me? In the Whale's Belly tells of men and women who struggled with the great questions of life.

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  5. A Kind of Courage

    Travis tensed as he heard his cousins talking dirty. Again.

    Kate stayed in the background while her sister Amy flitted from person to person, laughing easily. It just isn't fair, Kate thought.

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  6. Part of the Family
    Is there anything positive about belonging to a family that is not your biological family? What is the best way to respond when friends or strangers bring up the subject? For many foster and adopted children, these are real questions about a... Learn more
  7. Thatched Roofs and Prairie Blizzards
    Dominga and Santiago's family lives in warm Belize with colorful parrots and tall palms. Karen and James' family lives on the Canadian prairies where winters are frigid. Their homes and lives are very different, yet very much alike; but God ... Learn more

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