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  1. The Weather Book
    Weather patterns affect our lives every day. A wealth of information in an easy-to-understand format. Includes full-color photos and charts. Learn more
  2. Peterson Wildflowers Color-In Book
    This coloring book, with detailed pictures to color and full-color sample pages, provides a great way to learn to know the wildflowers. The flowers are categorized by habitat, and there are several two-page spreads showing scenes of the diff... Learn more
  3. Peterson Birds Color-In Book
    A unique field guide–color the pictures yourself. Once you've colored that yellow-throated warbler, you'll identify it all the faster, and enjoy it all the more. Learn more
  4. The Work of Thy Fingers

    How big are your fingers? How big are God's fingers? What can your fingers make? What did God's fingers make? Let Pablo Yoder take you on a tour.

    Learn more
  5. My Father's World
    Colorful pages, fascinating photos, and intriguing stories inspire youngsters to explore God's wonderful world. And, in exploring, children learn about God–His power, creativity, intelligence, humor, and love. Learn more
  6. Discovery of Design
    Take a fantastic journey into the frontiers of scientific discovery with this exciting look at research and design elements taken from the natural world. Explains how things like batteries, automotive engineering, paint, and even credit card... Learn more
  7. The Celestial Message
    Across the vastness of space stretches the universe. There, galaxies spangle the heavens and stars blaze with energy. But does this domain have any connection to our daily lives? Is there any benefit to studying it? The Celestial Message ans... Learn more
  8. Life in the Woods
    Did you know a fly's eye is made up of hundreds of little eyes? Have you ever seen the details of a crane fly's wings? Learn more
  9. The Work of His Hands

    Sometimes nature shouts like the thunder of waves on a rocky shore. Sometimes it whispers like autumn leaves that dance from the treetops to the forest floor. Always it carries a message.

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  10. God Made the Marsh
    Enjoy a visit to the summer marsh. Observe an unusual water lily. Take a close-up look at the eye of a damselfly. Learn more
  11. Exploring Our Skies
    Fourth Edition. A seasonal guide for learning how to find nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters with your telescope or binoculars. A compilation of over three years of lessons and articles from the Nature Friend Study Guide, this book brings ... Learn more
  12. Birds in My Backyard
    Bright birds aren't only in zoos and faraway places–they are also in your backyard, ready to delight you with their feathers and frolics. Learn more
  13. Amazing Insects Around the World Coloring Book
    Introduces children to 36 insects with unusual characteristics. Each page features an insect with description, facts, and a color illustration. Children color a matching outline of the insect and mark its range on a map. Learn more
  14. Backyard Safari
    This book takes students on a Biblical, creationist tour of the insects and arachnids found on two acres in New Bedford, Ohio. Spiritual lessons are integrated throughout. Bright, full-color photographs show close-ups of the bugs being discu... Learn more
  15. The New Astronomy Book
    Just how intricately designed is the universe? The moon not only influences the tides on earth, but also causes rocks to "stretch"! Now take an incredible look at the mysteries and marvels of space in The New Astronomy Book!Includes a 24-inc... Learn more
  16. Wonders in the Sea
    Dive into the wonders of discovering the amazing ocean creatures. Uncover astonishing similarities of nature below the surface to those that "creep upon the earth." Learn more
  17. A Day at the Zoo
    Children can visit the zoo every day as they page through this beautiful book. Featuring gazelles, bears, gorillas, leopards, and many more zoo animals, this book is a special trip. Learn more
  18. God's Wild Creatures Coloring Book
    Beautifully detailed artwork of North American wildlife for children and adults to color. Learn more
  19. Alpine Flowers Coloring Book
    In this coloring book, learn about the many alpine flowers God created. One page shows the flower in full color along with the description while the opposite page is an outline for coloring. Excellent for anyone who enjoys coloring. Learn more
  20. Destination Africa
    This book features rich, vibrant images of wildlife in Kenya, Africa. Some of the species featured in this book include the elephant, the cape buffalo, the lion, the leopard, and the rhino. Interesting facts and statistics about each animal ... Learn more
  21. Peterson Eastern Birds Field Guide
    These guides are colorful and user-friendly, emphasizing visual differences between species to help with identification. Learn more
  22. Peterson Western Birds Field Guide
    These guides are colorful and user-friendly, emphasizing visual differences between species to help with identification. Learn more
  23. CLOUD CHART A - Wall Chart
    Wall chart with 35 photographs of cloud formations. Under each picture is a caption describing the clouds. Simplified weather forecasting material is also included. Suitable for grades six and above. Learn more
  24. CLOUD CHART B - Student Chart
    Student version of Cloud Chart A with more detailed information regarding how clouds relate to the weather. Learn more

24 Items

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