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  • Phonics Foundations

    Preliminary Edition. Phonics Foundations is a course for teaching students with dyslexia to read and spell. The course does not diagnose dyslexia.

    Based on Orton-Gillingham principles, Phonics Foundations incorporates multisensory activities and tactile practice into daily lessons. Exercises target the auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learning pathways to strengthen weak phonological connections.

    The student begins by taking two assessments. Based on assessment results, the course supplies tailored lessons that target the specific areas needing remediation. A student may not need to complete all six units. The course is designed to be used for one-on-one teaching. The Teacher’s Guides provide specific instructions, answers, and activities for each unit. 

    When completed, Phonics Foundations will have six units. 

  • Building Blocks

    Building Blocks is a short review of basics phonics for students who may know the letter sounds but are not fluent in them. It uses twenty lessons of selected material from Learning to Read LightUnits 101-107 to teach the twenty-six letters and sounds, long/short vowels, four digraphs, and some consonant blends. It uses the same flash cards as Learning to Read. The reader contains short stories from Learning to Read.

    Developed for students learning English as a second language (ESL), this short course may also be used to help any student get back up to speed after summer break. Building Blocks is not a replacement for Learning to Read, and it is not designed to help with learning disabilities.

    The course consists of a student workbook, Teacher’s Guide, Reader, Letter Flash Cards, and Sight Word Flash Cards. 

  • Bible

    Buy supplementary items like a Bible dictionary, concordance, and reference charts.

  • Language Arts

    Buy books, posters, penmanship workbooks, extra practice sheets, and other Language Arts supplements.

  • Math

    Buy reference charts, skill development worksheets, flash cards, and other Math supplements.

  • Science

    Buy nature books, cloud charts, field guides, and other Science supplements.

  • Music

    Buy songbooks and other music supplements.

  • Dictionaries & Atlas

    Buy high-quality reference books that students will return to time after time.

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