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  1. Abide In Me
    Lighthouse Series Booklet. We say a man is as his company, yet so many Christians skip their appointments with God to follow the hectic tune of this world. What a loss! In simple language with an encouraging tone, this booklet gives clear, p... Learn more
  2. The Abundant Life
    Picture an orchard with sturdy trees bearing fruit for the owner. Deep inside, we long to be abundant too. What would your life be like if you were truly flourishing? God wants to take us from barrenness to bountiful, from pointless to purpo... Learn more
  3. Accepted in Jesus
    Every person has a deep need for fellowship, camaraderie, and companionship, but in our fallen world, rejection is commonplace . . . and painful. We hurt when we are excluded, especially when it involves our family, our close friends, or our... Learn more
  4. Adorning the Temple
    Lighthouse Series Booklet. This booklet speaks on the important subject of personal appearance. The author opens with five foundational principles found in Scripture giving direction to this subject, followed by several pages outlining pract... Learn more
  5. Are Written Standards for the Church?
    Lighthouse Series Booklet. This booklet provides balance in a day when many say that written church standards are not necessary, that the Bible is our only written standard, or that we cannot speak to issues unless they are specifically spel... Learn more
  6. Armor of Light
    Satan works to corrupt legitimate desires. What starts as an innocent desire for food becomes gluttony. The need for shelter grows into a drive for comfortable and easy living. Sexual desires become addictive and perverted.This book exposes ... Learn more
  7. Adam's Long Shadow
    We learn from our mistakes. Such learning is a part of life. But we also learn from the mistakes of others. We even learn from the mistakes of people who lived long before our time. We take warning from those who fell. Because someone else s... Learn more
  8. Beautiful Girlhood
    Have you ever watched the development of a rose from the tiny bud to the open flower? Girlhood is the opening flower of womanhood. An old favorite filled with meditations and challenges for girls. Poignant illustrations and wise advice about... Learn more
  9. Beauty for Ashes
    When Tamar was raped by her half brother, the Bible says she was left weeping and desolate. The story strikes a deep chord with many because Tamar's story is their story. John Coblentz, an experienced counselor, explains why sexual abuse can... Learn more
  10. Becoming Fishers of Men
    There's a maxim among anglers that says 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. In the world of sport fishing this ratio can be acceptably humorous, but fishing for men is serious work, and too often the 10/90 rule is disappointingly acc... Learn more
  11. Becoming Fishers of Men - Teacher's Guide

    Teacher's Guide for the student book Becoming Fishers of Men.

    Learn more
  12. Before You Say Your Vows
    Solid, challenging preparation for marriage. Individuals are encouraged to face who they are and see what God wants them to be. Brief introductions and thought-provoking questions guide couples to look honestly at issues fundamental to marri... Learn more
  13. Beside the Still Waters - Volume 1 Indexed
    Imagine taking a walk with God down a winding path through fields of wildflowers, then on into the forest. God pauses to explain the marvels of the hovering hummingbird, the flitting butterfly, the soaring eagle, or the tree frog. The conver... Learn more
  14. Beside the Still Waters - Volume 2
    Imagine taking a walk with God down a winding path through fields of wildflowers, then on into the forest. God pauses to explain the marvels of the hovering hummingbird, the flitting butterfly, the soaring eagle, or the tree frog. The conver... Learn more
  15. The Bible Promise Book
    A comforting collection of God's promises, categorized by subject. A ready resource in periods of difficulty or doubt and an inexpensive gift for family or friends. Learn more
  16. Bridal Planner
    In the changes of life, weddings rank as one of the most demanding. Beverly Zimmerman put together a planner to help anyone preparing for a wedding. Who knows better the demands of planning for a wedding than one who recently walked that pat... Learn more
  17. Called to Be a Layman
    Although written for the unordained who have gone through the lot, this pamphlet reassures any brother that for now, God would have him serve in the church as a layman. Learn more
  18. The Celestial Railroad

    Nathaniel Hawthorne looked at the Christianity of the mid-1800s and found it wanting. He wrote this allegory, using Pilgrim's  Progress as a basis. However, Hawthorne's pilgrim takes the new and improved route.

    Learn more
  19. Charting a Course in Your Youth

    Charting A Course is a call to youth who are serious about following Jesus, especially in finances. It is designed to help them develop a Christ-centered focus early in life and find their way through society's confusing swirl of gr Learn more

  20. The Christian and Authority
    Lighthouse Series Booklet. Are you ready for a spiritual checkup? Let this concise booklet lead you through a short diagnostic test, checking for the sin known as a close relative to witchcraft–rebellion. This book also describes how Christi... Learn more
  21. The Christian and the State
    Lighthouse Series Booklet. What is the nature and function of the state? Can a Christian take part in politics? Should he help vote "good" men into office? This pamphlet outlines Scriptural principles answering these and related questions. E... Learn more
  22. Christian Ethics for Youth - Textbook
    A thorough study of the Book of Proverbs that covers topics such as wisdom, foolishness, friendships, morality, and ethical problems and solutions. Also lists proverbs arranged by subject. Excellent for youth classes and special studies on P... Learn more
  23. Christian Family Living
    Every family is a work in progress, a work needing careful attention. Whether we are training toddlers, determining courtship standards, or caring for aging parents, we need God's grace and guidance. Practical, Bible-based instruction for ev... Learn more
  24. Church Matters
    Disagreements and church splits can be disillusioning, both to those within our churches and to seekers. How can people with different views and gifts work together to achieve Jesus' vision of church unity? Gary Miller compares the current s... Learn more
  25. Come and See
    New faces, unfamiliar culture, different applications of the Bible-visiting a new church can be an overwhelming experience! In this pamphlet, David Peters shares what stood out to him on his first visit to a conservative Mennonite church. He... Learn more

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