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  1. Adam's Long Shadow
    We learn from our mistakes. Such learning is a part of life. But we also learn from the mistakes of others. We even learn from the mistakes of people who lived long before our time. We take warning from those who fell. Because someone else s... Learn more
  2. Baker's Bible Atlas
    Three hundred thirty-three pages of maps, pictures, drawings, and explanations. Thoroughly covers the scope of Biblical geography. A chapter on Biblical archaeology, a time line of Bible history, and a gazetteer supplement the maps and expla... Learn more
  3. Basic Bible Studies
    A twenty-lesson study guide and workbook especially designed for use in instructing applicants for church membership. The first several lessons cover spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. The remaining lessons cover the Eighteen Artic... Learn more
  4. Bible Commentary - 1 and 2 Peter
    A commentary on the teachings of Peter written from a conservative Anabaptist perspective. Learn more
  5. Camp of Israel Map

    A fine-line drawing of the arrangement of the camp of the Hebrews during their wilderness journey. Helpful in Sunday schools, summer Bible schools, and Christian day schools when teaching the Exodus.

    Learn more
  6. Doctrines of the Bible - Hardcover
    Presents the teachings of God's Word on many subjects. Learn more
  7. Halley's Bible Handbook
    An excellent first Bible commentary. Includes fascinating notes on Bible history and archaeological discoveries. Learn more
  8. How to Gain Assurance of Your Salvation
    Loaded with real-life stories and scriptural commentary, this book effectively deals with the question, "How can I know that I am saved?" Learn more
  9. How to Study the Bible
    Concise help, especially for beginning Bible students. Gives advantages and disadvantages of various methods, but favors the book study method. The author illustrates his points with specific examples. Study Guide available.Do you enjoy read... Learn more
  10. Menno Simons, Complete Works
    All of Menno Simons' known works, including books and tracts, letters, and other writings. Includes a brief biography of this influential church leader. Learn more
  11. Menno Simons' Life and Writings
    This biography includes a condensed version of some of Menno's writings and an overview of his beliefs and doctrinal position. It gives a good understanding of early Anabaptist beliefs. Learn more
  12. Personal Appearance in the Light of God's Word
    Sets forth Biblical standards of dress for men and women. Practical and inspiring! Learn more
  13. Power Bible CD
    Version 5.9. Compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7.0. This helpful, easy-to-use program includes many English Bible translations and several Bibles in Spanish and other languages. Strong's word definitions are easily accessible. O... Learn more
  14. Sacrifice or Penalty?
    This in-depth study of the Scriptures exposes some of the false ideas about salvation permeating churches today. It explores the implications of misunderstanding how Christ's death brings us forgiveness, and calls us back to a simple New Tes... Learn more
  15. Searching for Meaning
    How do I find meaning and purpose in life? Most of us face this question sooner or later, no matter how popular, rich, or successful we might be. But life isn’t hopeless or meaningless. You can find answers. Welcome to the Book of Ecclesiast... Learn more
  16. Seeing Christ in the Old Testament
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    Revised Edition. The Old Testament was written to prepare fallen man for the coming Messiah and to point us to Him. This book explores names used for God in the Old Testament and lives of Bible people that point to Christ. Learn more
  17. Seeing Christ in the Tabernacle
    Every feature of the tabernacle–boards, pillars, ropes, sockets, curtains, coverings, furniture–was planned in detail by God, and Christ is foreshadowed in every piece. Learn more
  18. The Story Behind the Versions

    The Story Behind the Versions tells how the Scriptures have been preserved and lays out the principles and philosophy of translation. Then, it explores the history and trustworthiness of modern versions...

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  19. Strong's Exhaustive Bible Concordance, Updated Edition
    Every word of the Bible listed, along with its meaning in the original language. Includes Hebrew and Greek dictionary helps. Learn more
  20. Whedon's Commentary - Luke - John
    For many decades, the Whedon commentaries have been an important Arminian Bible study resource among conservative believers. You'll find a treasury of insights into Scripture, along with fascinating historical commentary. Good for personal s... Learn more
  21. Whedon's Commentary - Matthew - Mark - Revised
    For many decades, the Whedon commentaries have been an important Arminian Bible study resource among conservative believers. You'll find a treasury of insights into Scripture, along with fascinating historical commentary. Good for personal s... Learn more
  22. Zondervan's Pictoral Bible Dictionary
    This popular and helpful Bible reference book includes 916 pages of Bible helps with black-and-white photographs, diagrams, and charts throughout. Does not contain the map supplement of the original Zondervan's Pictorial Bible Dictionary. Ba... Learn more

22 Items

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