Language Arts • Grade 3

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  1. (SE2) Language Arts 300 - Teacher's Guide (with answers)
    Sunrise Second Edition. This teacher's guide includes instructions for each section of each lesson, as well as a reproduction of each LightUnit with answers. Appendices give alternate LightUnit tests, a detailed scope and sequence, spelling ... Learn more
  2. Optional Materials
    Optional materials are not required, but you may find them helpful.
    Language Arts Reference Chart - Grades 3 & 4
    This durable, two-sided laminated chart contains a wealth of grammar information at a glance. Includes parts of speech, punctuation, examples of sentence diagramming, and a simple friendly letter. Learn more
  3. (SE2) Language Arts 300 - Extra Practice Sheets
    Sunrise 2nd Edition. Students having trouble with a concept? A fast worker need busywork? These extra practice sheets give specific review for new or difficult concepts. Learn more
  4. Cursive Alphabet Wall Cards
    An attractive addition to any classroom and a constant reminder to write neatly! Two-sided cards allow for displaying the cards with or without directive arrows. Learn more
  5. Alphabet Desk Strip - Cursive
    This colorful, self-adhesive strip can be applied to the student's desk to give instant access to correct cursive letter formation, using directive arrows. Learn more
  6. Language Arts Information Charts - Grades 1-4 - Set of 3
    Set of three two-sided colorful, laminated reference charts give helpful information. Content included plural nouns, capitalization, suffixes, dividing syllables, states and provinces with their abbreviations. Learn more
  7. Alphabet Desk Strips - Cursive - Roll of 25
    Colorful, self-adhesive strips that can be applied to the students' desks to give instant access to correct cursive letter formation, using directive arrows. Learn more
  8. On Teaching Writing

    Here are insights into the minds of young writers, encouragement and how-tos for teachers, suggestions for presenting written work, story starter ideas, and much more. Correlates with our Sunrise Language Arts, but may be used independently.

    Learn more

11 Items

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