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  1. Alex and His Prayer

    Alex slipped his hand into his pocket. Something did not feel right. His pocketknife, the one he had found in the dirt under the deck, was gone!

    Alex's foster family had told him about Jesus. Does God really answer prayer?

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  2. Andy's Pocketknife
    Andy's pocketknife was the best thing he owned. Andy carried his pocketknife everywhere. One day, Andy even carried it to church, where pocketknives do not belong. He had a big surprise waiting for him–and an even bigger surprise fifty years... Learn more
  3. From Stephen to Erik
    Stephen has a special comforter–just right to give to someone who needs it. A beautifully illustrated story showing how children can bless others. Learn more
  4. Just Like Daddy
    Johnny can't carry the heavy grocery bags like Daddy, but he can carry the diaper bag (though it does get a little wet!) Johnny isn't brave enough to chase away the mean dog, but he can chase away that strange black and white "cat." Johnny i... Learn more
  5. A Kitten Named Birthday
    Six-year-old Sarah loves to play with her birthday present, a kitten she named Birthday. Because Sarah is deaf, she cannot hear it when Birthday purrs, but she can feel it rumbling like a tiny motor inside his throat. Sarah's mother uses sig... Learn more
  6. Peter's Puppy Chores
    Peter and his big sister Arlene have ten Saint Bernard puppies. Peter learns to care for the puppies, carefully feeding them, playing with them gently, and showing them lots of love. Learn more
  7. This Little Monkey
    "See! I can read!" That's what children like to say.The stories in this book use pictures in place of some words. Young children love to follow picture-stories with their fingers. When the reader pauses at a picture, the child can say the wo... Learn more
  8. Washday
    Two young sisters scrub their doll clothes–dresses, sleepers, bibs, and socks–under the summer sun. What could be more fun! Learn more
  9. We Build a House
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    Journey with little Adam through the experience of the family building a new house. Children will enjoy the many colorful pictures throughout the book. Learn more
  10. You Too
    “Me too!” says Rose whenever Johnny wants to play. Johnny is not pleased when his tagalong sister puts the puzzle pieces in the wrong places, knocks over the snowman, and steps on Johnny’s smooth sand highway. With his parents’ encouragement... Learn more

10 Items

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