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  1. Beautiful Girlhood
    Have you ever watched the development of a rose from the tiny bud to the open flower? Girlhood is the opening flower of womanhood. An old favorite filled with meditations and challenges for girls. Poignant illustrations and wise advice about... Learn more
  2. Before You Say Your Vows
    Solid, challenging preparation for marriage. Individuals are encouraged to face who they are and see what God wants them to be. Brief introductions and thought-provoking questions guide couples to look honestly at issues fundamental to marri... Learn more
  3. Charting a Course in Your Youth

    Charting A Course is a call to youth who are serious about following Jesus, especially in finances. It is designed to help them develop a Christ-centered focus early in life and find their way through society's confusing swirl of gr Learn more

  4. Christian Ethics for Youth - Textbook
    A thorough study of the Book of Proverbs that covers topics such as wisdom, foolishness, friendships, morality, and ethical problems and solutions. Also lists proverbs arranged by subject. Excellent for youth classes and special studies on P... Learn more
  5. Courtship That Glorifies God
    What do you think about common dating practices?  the age dating ought to begin? parental involvement in dating? casual dating? kissing and holding hands in dating? dating someone with an immoral past? the meaning and length of engageme... Learn more
  6. Journey Into God's Will
    The Christian life isn't handed to us like a vacation tour package complete with itinerary, maps, glossy photos, and descriptions of points of interest. Rather, it is more like Ruth's journey to Israel from Moab: walking by faith into an unf... Learn more
  7. Joy in Serving Jesus
    For Young Men. Join Joseph Byler as he grows from a young schoolboy to a tested Christian man. Covers many areas of life that young men face throughout their adolescent and singlehood years. Complete with study questions after each chapter. ... Learn more
  8. Keep Yourself Pure
    Secular and Biblical history testify that impurity is present with every tribe, people, nation, or generation–none have gone unscarred. Keep Yourself Pure is a concise guide to understanding the Biblical view of what our society calls free l... Learn more
  9. Keepsakes: Meditations for Courting Couples

    With 52 meditations written to inspire courting couples in their devotion to God, Keepsakes challenges couples to the highest of Christian ideals.

    Learn more
  10. Looking at Myself Before Loving Someone Else
    Written to prepare young people for courtship. This book helps them sort out their strong, sometimes confusing, feelings toward the opposite sex and challenges them to develop personal godly characteristics before seeking a life companion. A... Learn more
  11. Timely Talks With Teenagers
    A few years ago you were children. In a few years more you will be full-grown men and women, bearing the challenges of life. As you grow in body, mind, and knowledge, are you growing spiritually? Published in 1906, it still has sound advice ... Learn more

11 Items

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