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  1. Adam's Long Shadow
    We learn from our mistakes. Such learning is a part of life. But we also learn from the mistakes of others. We even learn from the mistakes of people who lived long before our time. We take warning from those who fell. Because someone else s... Learn more
  2. Amish by Adoption

    How does my mother look? Who is my father? Andy King wrestled with the usual questions of an adopted child. Eventually, his search led him to his roots, or what he thought were his roots.

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  3. The Bible Mode of Baptism
    Two Mennonite scholars give evidence from the Bible and early church history that enriches our understanding of New Testament and early church practice. Learn more
  4. A Horse Called Willing - Audio CD
    When Lady's carefree gallop across the pasture ended in disaster, the family needed another horse. That's how Willing arrived at their farm. Willing was a model of . . . stubbornness. Through the adventures, struggles, and surprises that fol... Learn more
  5. Committed to the Covenant
    Elizabeth thought she and Emanuel had a happy marriage. A deep love, two children, adequate income, and a caring church-life was good. Illusion. Emanuel was seeing another woman. When Elizabeth found out, she was crushed. Emanuel asked forgi... Learn more
  6. The Call of the SSS
    "So, Fred, what makes you think you should be a CO?"Fred was at a loss for words. "I-I don't know. I am a Mennonite and we don't go to war.""Oh . . . I see on your records you had a speeding ticket about a year ago. . . . You also made quite... Learn more
  7. Christ Is Full of Love and Power
    An illustrated and narrative history of Mennonite bishop Christian Burkholder of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1746-1809). Includes translations of his German writings and a genealogical section giving ancestries back to the 1500s in Switz... Learn more
  8. Esperando el Amanecer
    La fe y el amor triunfan sobre el odio y el homicidio, cuando terroristas atacan a una familia misionera en Guatemala. El relato del martirio de John Troyer. Learn more
  9. Emma–A Will to Surrender
    Emma is a Hurst, and a very determined one. Hursts are strong; they aren't known for giving up or giving in easily. What will God use to break her? Epilepsy? Incarceration? Death of loved ones? Cancer? Or perhaps all four? Under the wise and... Learn more
  10. Engaging With Muslims
    Many Christians in the West are fearful of engaging in conversations about their faith with Muslims-believing that they will be hostile to Christian beliefs and discussions about the Bible. This short book is designed to help Christians unde... Learn more
  11. For This Child We Prayed
    Thirty true adoption stories written by conservative Mennonite and Amish parents, reflecting the disappointment of childlessness, the anticipation of adoption, and a wide range of emotions related to the legal and social implications of adop... Learn more
  12. Faces of Syria
    Move beyond the news reports and speculations about this war-torn country for an up close and personal look at the plight of Syrian families. In this book, Katrina Hoover and Rosetta Byers share the results of their interviews with refugees ... Learn more
  13. Glimpses of Mennonite History and Doctrine
    A readable and inspirational study of Mennonite history and doctrine, from the founding of the Anabaptist movement to the mid-twentieth century. Emphasizes faithfulness to God's Word and the vision of the early Anabaptists. Study Guide avail... Learn more
  14. God's Treasures on the Shore
    Please come along and walk with usalong the sandy shore.We'll search for treasures that were onceupon the ocean floor.This beautifully illustrated book of rhymes introduces children to beach creatures such as hermit crabs, starfish and sever... Learn more
  15. God's Wake-up Call
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    Ervin Hershberger's culminating work details nine urgent warnings for end-time saints. Guard against covetousness and carelessness. Wake out of indifference and deafness to Christ. Be encouraged as you become more aware of God's marvelous pr... Learn more
  16. Gift and Award Bible - Blue
    KJV • Dictionary • Color Maps • Redi-Reference Section • Red-letter • Presentation page • Favorite Bible Stories • Short History of the Bible Learn more
  17. Hold Them Near
    A cold . . . a fight to breathe . . . weakness . . . death.  Noah and Sara Beachy suffered tragedy and loss as one child after another succumbed to a mysterious genetic heart condition. Unsullied by bitterness, their trust in God deepen... Learn more
  18. The Horse that Worked for God
    "Glory, glory, bless the Lord!" shouted Billy as he stood on the foundation stone of the chapel he was building for the Lord. Billy was overjoyed when he was given enough money for lumber, but he had no way of hauling the boards. A kind neig... Learn more
  19. Know Before You Go

    In Know Before You Go, Gary Miller calls us to re-examine our short-term mission trips. If your aim is to actually help people while avoiding long-term harm, this book is a must-read.

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  20. Learning Numbers With Bible Facts
    This instructional activity book for beginners uses familiar and unfamiliar Bible facts to teach numbers 1-12. It will increase children's awareness of amounts and recognition of corresponding numerals. More importantly, it teaches them to l... Learn more
  21. Lleve el rescate solo
    (Deliver the Ransom Alone) El secuestro fue una posibilidad persistente en El Salvador, debido a la turbación política en los primeros años de los 1990. Una noche se hizo realidad para Elí Glick y tres muchachas indefensas. Este relato veríd... Learn more
  22. Minor Prophets - Study Guide
    The ten lessons cover the last twelve books of the Old Testament, which early Jewish scholars referred to as The Writings. Study valuable lessons on the consequences of sin and the blessings of obedience, how the prophets foretold the coming... Learn more
  23. Mommy Goes to Heaven
    Written from a child's perspective, this book encourages children facing the illness or death of a parent that God does love and care for them, even in sad times. Suffering from leukemia, the author passed away soon after this book was writt... Learn more
  24. Mennonite Hymnal
    653 songs along with additional worship resources. Shaped notes. Learn more
  25. My Baby Record Book - Pink

    Capture precious memories, mementos, and milestones along with facts and figures of your baby�s earliest years in one of these attractive record books. From newborn to seven years old, with full-color pages and padded hardcover.

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