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  1. The Arrowhead
    For many years an arrowhead lay hidden, buried in the soil of an Indiana farm. The Indian who had shot it was long forgotten. The generations of settlers who followed, chopping down trees and planting corn, never found it. Decades passed, an... Learn more
  2. Clouds of War

    Clouds of war rolled over the Cloister where the Martyrs Mirror was being printed. A knock was heard on the door. It was the soldiers, and they demanded that unbound copies of the Martyrs Mirror be handed over.

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  3. Eight Eggs
    Carlos carefully carried a gift of eggs to the neighbors. Sharing made him happy. But the happiness didn't stop there. Watch how his gift sparks other acts of kindness. This full color children's book set in Central America shows that God lo... Learn more
  4. Friend Penn
    With its fascinating color illustrations, this book is an enjoyable way for children to learn about William Penn. Instead of stealing the Indians' land, Friend Penn wanted to buy it fairly with cloth, mirrors, and other goods from the Old Wo... Learn more
  5. Matthew Grady Loves His Enemy
    Preacher Matthew Grady could feel the people of Los Ebanos watching him. Matthew's friend Juan said, "Father Costa hates you. He says he will chase you out of town." "I will love everybody," Matthew Grady said. "Even though Father Costa hate... Learn more
  6. My Friend and I
    Step through a round doorway and take a peek into daily life in West Africa. In this world of mud huts, grass roofs, and outdoor cooking fires, two little friends enjoy each other's company. One of the little girls is the daughter of mission... Learn more
  7. Red, Yellow, Black, & White
    Children are naturally sympathetic toward those in unfortunate circumstances. This book, with its rhymes and photos of children from places such as Africa, Afghanistan, and Haiti, will spark in children a compassion and a desire to share wit... Learn more
  8. Samuel's Choice

    Samuel learns about nonresistance when the soldiers take all their food during the Revolutionary War. As the community opens their home to wounded soldiers, it slowly dawns on Samuel that Christ does not expect him to do nothing.

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  9. A Single Page
    How excited Andrew is when Grandfather asks him to come along on the long wagon ride to the Ephrata Cloister! He can hardly believe that he will finally get to see the printing press and the great Martyr Book he has heard so much about. Foll... Learn more
  10. Something for Seymour
    Old Seymour sits and rocks all day in his old house high on the hill. He knows he is not like most folks. "A-ain't t-too smart," Seymour says. Other people tease old Seymour and call him names. But today . . . something is going to happen. H... Learn more
  11. Test of Faith
    It was 1757, and the war was threatening the peaceful Amish settlement where Jacob Hochstetler and his family lived. The feuding British and French colonies both wanted to claim the beautiful, untamed land of Pennsylvania. Caught in the midd... Learn more
  12. This Is the Erie Canal
    Many years ago, people needed better ways to travel back and forth. De Witt Clinton thought of a plan. Why not build a canal across New York State? Some people laughed and called it "Clinton's Ditch." But De Witt Clinton did not give up. Exc... Learn more

12 Items

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