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  1. Angels in the Night
    Night falls early in Waslala, and the evenings are long, especially if you're waiting . . . During their first two years in Nicaragua, the Yoder family had endured more than a dozen robberies. In spite of the violence surrounding them, a fle... Learn more
  2. Angels Over Waslala
    Tim and Rosa were headed for bed when they heard feet shuffling outside. Tim opened the door and shined his flashlight on two men, one carrying an automatic rifle. "Money. We want $1500.""I don't have dollars," Tim said. "I don't carry much ... Learn more
  3. Answers to Prayer
    We all know God hears and answers prayer. But how many of us have launched out in faith as George Mueller did? Mueller obeyed the Lord's leading and began several orphans' homes, depending entirely on God to supply what was needed. He asked ... Learn more
  4. Awaiting the Dawn

    Awaiting the Dawn is a true account of how faith and love triumphed over hate and murder when a missionary family in Guatemala was attacked by midnight terrorists.

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  5. Bearing Witness
    What does it cost to follow Jesus? For these men and women, the answer was clear. They were ready to give witness to Christ in the face of intense persecution, even if it cost them their lives. From the stoning of Stephen to Nigerian Christi... Learn more
  6. Beyond the Sunset and Razor Wire
    Timo Miller was kidnapped in broad daylight on a street in his hometown in Nicaragua, deported to the United States, and imprisoned for nearly eight months. His crime? Being a Good Samaritan in a situation where man's laws opposed God's laws... Learn more
  7. Deliver the Ransom Alone
    Verda was concerned. Eli still wasn't home. When Ernest's pickup pulled into the driveway, she knew something was very, very wrong. "Mama," Ernest said, "there's a problem." Kidnapping was a nagging possibility in politically troubled El Sal... Learn more
  8. Faces of Syria
    Move beyond the news reports and speculations about this war-torn country for an up close and personal look at the plight of Syrian families. In this book, Katrina Hoover and Rosetta Byers share the results of their interviews with refugees ... Learn more
  9. God Gave the Increase
    Stories and photos of the mission work among the indigenous people of northwestern Ontario in the mid to late 1900s, including many stories from Ezra and Nannie Peachey. Beginning with a new school at Red Lake and spreading to other areas, m... Learn more
  10. The Insanity of God
    After years of apparently fruitless mission work, the author and his wife concluded that the Gospel just didn't work in Somalia. How could God be good when life was so dark? The Ripkens went on to collect stories of persecuted believers arou... Learn more
  11. Led by His Hand
    Merle Burkholder's call to missions came when he was a boy growing up on a small Pennsylvania farm. Later, his dream of establishing a business nearly silenced that call. As missionaries, Merle and his wife Edith served in snowy northwestern... Learn more
  12. Light Side Dark Side
    Sometimes gray areas can become quite acceptable in our lives. But what would life look like if the lines were marked more clearly? Meet Shari Beth, missionary in Haiti. She sees pockets of light, people-like Jock-aglow with the joy of the L... Learn more
  13. My Ways Are Higher
    Ronnie and Maryann Martin answered God's call and moved to Honduras with their six children. Pouring their hearts into the work, they thoroughly enjoyed life at the mission. They loved the Hondurans, and the Hondurans loved them. Then traged... Learn more
  14. No More Strangers
    In the 1970s, life in the Creole village of Double Head Cabbage meant no electricity, no phone, and no hospitals nearby. But in spite of this, the Glick family fell in love with the country and its friendly people. They grew to love the Creo... Learn more
  15. Parables From Peru
    Missionary life in Peru brought great challenges to Harvey Mast and his family. But amidst tribulation and sometimes deep anguish, God gave joy, peace, and spiritual growth. In these heartfelt parables written in a style harking back to yest... Learn more
  16. Rugged Trails and Ragged Shoes
    The lone Model T bumped over potholes, rounded hairpin bends, and sputtered up steep roads in the vast sprawl of West Virginia mountains. A trip into these mountains was not easy, but that didn't stop Lora. The summer of 1926 became the firs... Learn more
  17. Tales of Sumarkand
    This unique book is a compilation of stories about Christians in Muslim countries, simply called Sumarkand in this book. These "tales" must be considered fiction but are based on facts. Events and names of people and places have been changed... Learn more
  18. There's Got to Be More

    Reuben and Mary Ann enjoy the daily routine on their farm in Minnesota. With hard work, they are sure to become successful, but they ask each other the question, Is there more to life?

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  19. Under His Wings
    Beyond the end of the road in Guatemala's Quiché highlands, Indians were hopelessly lost in a quagmire of sorcery, superstition, and drunkenness. The missionary pilot longed to bring the Gospel to them-but could missionaries survive among th... Learn more
  20. Voices of Syria
    Bombs fall. Buildings explode. People die. The war in Syria is a seemingly endless cycle of death and destruction. Yet behind the numbing statistics and finger-pointing headlines are real people–men, women, and children whose voices are seld... Learn more

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