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  1. Bad Enough and Good Enough
    Relive joys, sorrows, regrets, and nostalgia with Preacher Simon Schrock as you are drawn into the captivating lines of his journey. Beginning with his Amish childhood on a Maryland farm and continuing through turbulent teen years, traumatic... Learn more
  2. The Debt I Owe
    Many inspirational and humorous experiences happened to Johnny Miller while he served his term of 1-W service in a hospital during the Vietnam War. Your heart will be warmed as you read about his efforts to share the love of Christ with thos... Learn more
  3. Home on the Blue Ridge

    Home on the Blue Ridge gives readers warm glimpses of the Sanford Yoder family in their years at Faith Mission Home and reveals the formative years of Pablo Yoder.

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  4. Home on the Rock Pile

    Home on the Rock Pile is a fascinating look at the Sanford Yoder family in the early years of their work in the Blue Ridge hollows near Faith Mission Home.

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  5. Just Plain Becky
    Becky and her husband were committed to providing a haven of love for their children, but their neighborhood was increasingly dangerous and running counter to their commitment. What should they do? To leave the only place they had called hom... Learn more
  6. The Long Road Home
    Sanford and Martha Yoder had little idea what awaited them when they left their home in Virginia to move their large family to Costa Rica. They did not anticipate such primitive housing, drenching rains, or daunting mud holes. And they certa... Learn more
  7. My Ways Are Higher
    Ronnie and Maryann Martin answered God's call and moved to Honduras with their six children. Pouring their hearts into the work, they thoroughly enjoyed life at the mission. They loved the Hondurans, and the Hondurans loved them. Then traged... Learn more
  8. We Sought and Found

    We Sought and Found is about journeys–first-person accounts of individual quests for a home among a family of believers faithfully serving God.

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8 Items

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