Social Studies • Grade 3

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  1. Living Together on God's Earth - Textbook
    Required. This third-grade social studies textbook follows "Your Neighborhood," the five-LightUnit course for second grade. The student first sees his community as one small part of God's earth. Next, four communities of Bible times are ... Learn more
  2. LightUnit Study Method - Textbook Required
    This option allows students to work more independently. Recommended for homeschools and classrooms where teacher involvement is limited.
  3. (SE) Living Together - Teacher's Guide (with answers)
    Sunrise edition. Developed for the LightUnit study of the textbook, this Teacher's Guide includes discussion ideas, lesson leads, notes for map activities, or ideas for enrichment activities. Reproductions of the LightUnits with answers are ... Learn more
  4. Study By Textbook – Textbook Required
    This option uses exercises from the textbook and requires more teacher involvement. Designed for classrooms where teachers are actively involved in providing instruction and review.
    Living Together on God's Earth - Chapter Tests
    Designed for the study-by-textbook method, this booklet contains a complete set of chapter tests for one student. Learn more
  5. Living Together on God's Earth - Teacher's Guide (with answers)
    Primarily for classroom use, this Teacher's Guide was developed for use with the study-by-textbook method. Provides lesson surveys, objectives, points of contact, discussion questions, text question answers, activities, and answers for ch... Learn more
  6. Optional Materials
    Optional materials are not required, but you may find them helpful.
    Living Together on God's Earth - Student Maps
    Designed especially for the study-by-textbook method, this packet contains the maps needed for one student. Reproducible masters are included in either of the teacher's guides. Learn more
  7. (SE) Social Studies 301-306 Answer Key Set


    Set Includes: 3 Answer Keys
    These answer keys are optional if the Teacher's Guides are purchased. View Samples or Order Individual Items

7 Items

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