Grade 1

  • Learning to Read

    Sunrise 2nd Edition

    Learning to Read introduces and reviews all consonants sounds, consonant digraphs, long and short vowels, most two-letter vowel sounds, and many sight words. It also integrates handwriting, spelling, and listening skills to create a complete language program for beginners.

    Each sound is introduced with a picture card followed by a story focusing on the picture and new sound. For example, for the t sound, the story of children discovering a turtle with a house that “just fits” captures the child’s attention and motivates him to learn the sound.

    The story ends with a fun rhyme to connect the sound with the letter—“/t,t,t,t/ Turtle Tim takes his house on top of him.”

    Learning the rhyme and repeating it rivets the combination in the child’s mind. Questions about the story help develop comprehension. A moral lesson or truth about God’s greatness and goodness helps develop the child’s character.

    Language Arts 100 Second Edition LightUnits are integrated with this course. Students begin Language Arts 101 LightUnit when they begin Learning to Read 105 LightUnit. After completing Learning to Read, students will be ready for the Reading 100 I Wonder reader and workbook. Click here to view the introduction from the Learning to Read Teacher's Guide. An overview of the integration is included on page xv.

    For teachers who are not familiar with teaching phonics, our Learning to Read Training LightUnit and CD explains how to teach Learning to Read.

  • Reading

    Sunrise 2nd Edition

    Sunrise 2nd Edition Reading 100 is a sequel to the Sunrise 2nd Edition Learning to Read program.

    The first-grade reader, I Wonder, is full of delightful age-level stories and poems that develop critical reading skills while building character. Students will learn about honesty from Betsy and Billy, the importance of prayer from Willy, good habits from Bruce the door slammer, and trust from Bennie, who was afraid of thunder. The artwork has recently been updated to full-color paintings.

    The accompanying five new LightUnits helps students practice phonics, reading comprehension, and analytical thinking. A test in each of the LightUnits measures the child’s mastery of the material.

    The Teacher’s Guide includes oral reviews, a reproduction of each workbook page with answers, detailed instructions for explaining the exercises, ideas for class discussion, and silent and oral reading activities. Beginning teachers can successfully teach reading when using this manual.

  • Bible

    Sunrise Edition

    Bible 100 contains well-written stories from both the Old and New Testament. They captivate the first grader’s imagination and bring the Bible to life.

    Each LightUnit has sixteen lessons, providing two or three Bible lessons a week for a full school term. A lesson consists of a two-page simple Bible story and a corresponding activity such as a maze or puzzle, matching exercises, or a dot-to-dot picture.

    The Teacher’s Guide contains a more detailed version of each story for the teacher to tell or read. Without quizzes or tests, this course allows the child to enjoy the Bible and learn its truths without a heavy workload. Our goal is for Bible to be so enjoyable that students look forward to every class.

  • Language Arts

    Sunrise 2nd Edition

    Sunrise Language Arts 100 correlates with Christian Light's Learning to Read and Sunrise Reading 100, but fits well with any phonics-based learning-to-read program. This thorough, phonics-based program teaches grammar, punctuation, communication skills, writing, spelling, and penmanship.

    Concepts in the LightUnits are taught in small increments and reviewed over and over again to ensure mastery. Wall charts illustrate spelling and punctuation rules. Children who need extra penmanship practice will enjoy the beautifully illustrated workbook I Can Write Manuscript as they practice copying letters, numbers, words, short sentences, and simple poems on the theme of animal babies and their mothers.

    Extra Language Arts practice sheets are available for those who need more drill.

    The Teacher's Guide includes answers to the LightUnits, ideas, spelling word lists, useful appendices, and alternate LightUnit tests for students who need to redo a test.

    A 80+ full-color phonics card set is available for Language Arts 100. These cards illustrate and give practice words for the pronunciation rules taught in Christian Light's Reading and Language Arts.

    Revised materials will not work with the older course.

  • Math

    Sunrise Edition

    Sunrise Math 100 lays a foundation for many of the major math concepts the student will meet during his lifetime. Each lesson introduces one or more bite-sized new number concepts. Most of the student work consists of continuous review to ensure that the concepts stick. The child experiences math as a whole rather than as isolated skills.

    Interspersed with basic number skills are forays into geometry, our money system, mental math, and number patterns. Practical story problems with a Biblical worldview relate math to real life. The U.S. and the metric measurement systems are emphasized equally. Daily speed drills, oral drills, and flash-card exercises help cement the basic addition/subtraction facts from 1-20.

    The Teacher's Guide provides answers to the LightUnits, ideas, useful appendices, and alternate LightUnit tests and is required for the course.

  • Science

    Sunrise Edition

    Sunrise Science 100 consists of five LightUnits introducing basic knowledge about the natural world. The five themes, one per LightUnit, are Seeing and Feeling, You and Your Pets, God’s Beautiful World, The Earth and Energy, and Music and Science.
    Each LightUnit is designed to take seventeen days, and contains two quizzes and a test. Each lesson is on the child’s reading level and includes two to four pages of activities for the lesson. Activities vary from categorizing items by their properties, to exploring the five senses, observing their environment, and learning science-related vocabulary.

    The Teacher’s Guide includes a reproduction of each LightUnit page with answers and ideas for capturing your child’s interest and providing hands-on activities to enrich the learning experience. It is required for the course.

  • Social Studies

    Sunrise Edition

    The five LightUnits of Sunrise Social Studies 100 develop the concept of communities that make up our world. Each LightUnit contains sixteen lessons, two quizzes and a test. First graders learn about families, courtesy for others, communication, community living, and even a bit of North American history. Students will enjoy the stories about four children who live in different parts of our continent.

    LightUnit titles are:
    You Can Communicate (101)
    My Family and Feelings (102)
    North America and Its People (103)
    My School and Community (104)
    The World and You (105)

    The Teacher’s Guide contains thoughts and ideas to help you teach creatively and effectively. It includes a reproduction of each LightUnit page with answers and is required for the course.

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