Discontinued Courses

  • Accounting - 10th Edition

    1 Credit

    While supplies last!

    Based on the textbook Century 21 Accounting, 10th Edition (©2014), this course teaches multicolumn journal accounting in three cycles:

    1. Accounting for a Service Business Organized as a Proprietorship
    2. Accounting for a Merchandising Business Organized as a Partnership
    3. Accounting for a Merchandising  Business Organized as a Corporation

    The student materials consist of three workbooks, a student guide, and ten tests. Teacher materials include information for the course, answer keys to the workbooks, and test answer keys. (Grade 11 or 12)

  • Auto Fundamentals - 11th Edition

    Based on the textbook Auto Fundamentals, 11th Edition (©2015), this course covers design, construction, and operation of automotive systems. Auto systems are taught by first explaining the principle of each and then describing the individual parts.

    The student study guide leads students through the course along with an Auto Fundamentals workbook. Ten LightUnit tests are provided.

    The teacher’s materials give answers for the workbook exercises, a test answer key, and removable teacher notes.  After completing this course, students should have a good understanding of automotive technology and how each automotive system functions. (Grade 11 or 12)

  • Auto Upkeep - 3rd Edition

  • Carpentry - 6th Edition

    1 Credit

    The full-color textbook Carpentry, Sixth Edition (©2013) includes detailed illustrations and descriptive photographs along with an introduction to every aspect of the carpentry trade. Students learn about construction materials, methods, hand and power tools, equipment, safety, reading blueprints, survey tools, foundations and slabs, frame construction, post and beam construction, and heavy concrete construction. Up-to-date safety practices and related OSHA regulations are also covered.

    The student study guide leads the student through the Carpentry, Sixth Edition workbook and provides ten LightUnit tests.

    The teacher’s materials provide answers for the workbook exercises and the test and include removable teacher notes. (Grade 10 and up)

  • Computer Service and Repair - 4th Edition

  • Modern Residential Wiring - 10th Edition

    1 Credit

    Modern Residential Wiring, 10th Edition covers basic information for installing electrical wiring in homes or light industrial applications. It introduces electrical energy fundamentals, circuit theory and components, electrician’s tools, grounding essentials, types and components of wiring systems, device wiring, reading prints, electrical remodeling, and more. The course is based on the 2014 National Electric Code, which is recommended but not required for the course.

    Student materials include a workbook, a student guide, and ten tests.

    Besides information on the course, the teacher materials contain answers for the workbook, exercises, and tests. (Grade 10 and up)

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