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  1. Angus and the Cat

    Angus is having a tough time getting used to the new pet in his home. The cat steals food from his dish, lies in his own spot of sunshine, and teases him by jumping up too high. How will they ever get along? Ages 4 to 8.

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  2. Angus and the Ducks

    When Angus, a very curious young terrier, sees that the door is open one day, he decides to go exploring. Little does he know what neighbors await him! From the author of The Story About Ping. Ages 4 to 8.

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  3. Birds in My Backyard
    Bright birds aren't only in zoos and faraway places–they are also in your backyard, ready to delight you with their feathers and frolics. Learn more
  4. A Day at the Zoo
    Children can visit the zoo every day as they page through this beautiful book. Featuring gazelles, bears, gorillas, leopards, and many more zoo animals, this book is a special trip. Learn more
  5. God Made the Marsh
    Enjoy a visit to the summer marsh. Observe an unusual water lily. Take a close-up look at the eye of a damselfly. Learn more
  6. God Made Them All
    "How wonderful, that God can take a worm, and from it beauty make. Now it can fly!" Poems and full-color photographs of 22 animals. The poems not only emphasize the animals as gifts from God, but also include lessons we can learn from them. Learn more
  7. God's Treasures on the Shore
    Please come along and walk with usalong the sandy shore.We'll search for treasures that were onceupon the ocean floor.This beautifully illustrated book of rhymes introduces children to beach creatures such as hermit crabs, starfish and sever... Learn more
  8. A Kitten Named Birthday
    Six-year-old Sarah loves to play with her birthday present, a kitten she named Birthday. Because Sarah is deaf, she cannot hear it when Birthday purrs, but she can feel it rumbling like a tiny motor inside his throat. Sarah's mother uses sig... Learn more
  9. Life in the Woods
    Did you know a fly's eye is made up of hundreds of little eyes? Have you ever seen the details of a crane fly's wings? Learn more
  10. My Father's World
    Colorful pages, fascinating photos, and intriguing stories inspire youngsters to explore God's wonderful world. And, in exploring, children learn about God–His power, creativity, intelligence, humor, and love. Learn more
  11. My Little Bird Book
    Another colorful toddler book to whisk into a pocket or a diaper bag for church services and waiting rooms. From a fluffy chick just hatched to the majestic wild turkey strutting through snowy woods, this durable little book portrays familia... Learn more
  12. My Little Furry Friends Book
    A small colorful picture book for young children to enjoy. Pocket-size, durable pages, and attractive pictures of kittens and bunnies and many other furry friends. Learn more
  13. My Little Wild Animal Book
    From lions to camels to bears, young children will enjoy this little full-color picture book. Its handy size and durable pages with more than twenty-five animals pictures makes it an attractive book for toddlers. Learn more
  14. Peter's Puppy Chores
    Peter and his big sister Arlene have ten Saint Bernard puppies. Peter learns to care for the puppies, carefully feeding them, playing with them gently, and showing them lots of love. Learn more
  15. The Story About Ping
    An inquisitive duckling learns the hard way about the pitfalls of being too independent. Full-color illustrations accompany this charming but instructive story that will delight both children and adults. Learn more
  16. This Little Monkey
    "See! I can read!" That's what children like to say.The stories in this book use pictures in place of some words. Young children love to follow picture-stories with their fingers. When the reader pauses at a picture, the child can say the wo... Learn more
  17. Where Is Frederick?
    Through the fascinating antics of one of God's amazing creatures, children will enjoy learning about amphibious animals and hibernation in this fast-paced illustrated book for primaries. Learn more
  18. Wonders in the Sea
    Dive into the wonders of discovering the amazing ocean creatures. Uncover astonishing similarities of nature below the surface to those that "creep upon the earth." Learn more

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