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  1. The American Heritage Desk Dictionary

    The American Heritage Dictionary has precise and clear definitions as well as comprehensive information on word history, synonymy, and language variation.

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  2. Baker's Bible Atlas
    Three hundred thirty-three pages of maps, pictures, drawings, and explanations. Thoroughly covers the scope of Biblical geography. A chapter on Biblical archaeology, a time line of Bible history, and a gazetteer supplement the maps and expla... Learn more
  3. The Basics and More Cookbook
    Cooking is fun–just stick to the basics! The twenty-four categories in this cookbook are bursting with over 1,300 recipes that use basic ingredients. Learn more
  4. Brimming Bowls
    For the gluten-intolerant, this is the perfect cookbook to ensure a brimming bowl at any meal. The author engagingly writes of her own food allergies and her search for delicious gluten-free recipes. You will learn how to make tall biscuits,... Learn more
  5. The Celestial Message
    Across the vastness of space stretches the universe. There, galaxies spangle the heavens and stars blaze with energy. But does this domain have any connection to our daily lives? Is there any benefit to studying it? The Celestial Message ans... Learn more
  6. Children's Atlas of God's World
    Most atlases that line the shelves of libraries and bookstores are filled with both evolutionary thought and secular worldviews. This special atlas explores the creation with unique insights into Christian history makers, amazing landmarks, ... Learn more
  7. Christopher Dock
    Christopher Dock, a Colonial schoolmaster and devoted Christian, loved his students. As he taught the "3 R's," he strove to build character and to win children's wills so that they would want to obey. He pointed them toward Christ by word an... Learn more
  8. Classroom Atlas - Rand McNally
    13th edition. A high-quality, easy-to-use world atlas for upper elementary and junior high students. Over 200 pages packed with maps, photos, infographics, critical-thinking questions and brain teasers. As the product of a secular publisher,... Learn more
  9. Creative Writing Book 1
    When written creatively-with interest, pop, and reality-the mundane can become fascinating. This supplementary creative writing course is designed to add some fun and flair to the writing process. Each book contains seventy-five writing less... Learn more
  10. Creative Writing Book 2
    When written creatively-with interest, pop, and reality-the mundane can become fascinating. This supplementary creative writing course is designed to add some fun and flair to the writing process. Each book contains seventy-five writing less... Learn more
  11. Desk Atlas of the United States
    Looking at this atlas is a visual (and informational) treat. Each state covers a two-page spread. It has the appearance of a desk blotter; with a journal open, showing a map and a brief overview of the state. Surrounding the map are notes, d... Learn more
  12. Discovery of Design
    Take a fantastic journey into the frontiers of scientific discovery with this exciting look at research and design elements taken from the natural world. Explains how things like batteries, automotive engineering, paint, and even credit card... Learn more
  13. The Elements of Style
    Omit needless words! Use the active voice. Write precisely. This little book concentrates on the fundamentals of good English usage and style. More than just a boring rule book–the authors' humor shines through at every turn. Learn more
  14. CLE English Handbook
    The handbook is designed for use by students in grades 7-12 and all language arts teachers. The three sections cover grammar, usage, and writing. Includes practice exercises and answers. Correlates with Sunrise Language Arts and English. A v... Learn more
  15. Exploring Our Skies
    Fourth Edition. A seasonal guide for learning how to find nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters with your telescope or binoculars. A compilation of over three years of lessons and articles from the Nature Friend Study Guide, this book brings ... Learn more
  16. Flourish

    Flourish is much more than one woman’s story. It offers encouraging, Biblical counsel on becoming a beautiful woman who glorifies God by honoring her husband and accepting life’s challenges with joy and contentment.

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  17. Fresh and Fruitful: Cultivating the Art of Writing

    Fresh writing surprises the reader; this book may surprise you too. Most writing books focus on one kind of writing, but this quick and lively read is for all Christian writers–from poets to essayists and everyone in between.

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  18. Handbook for Creative Teaching
    An experienced teacher shares hundreds of suggestions and helps for the creative Christian teacher. Especially valuable for Christian day school teachers and anyone looking for ways to develop good teaching skills. Covers a host of topics fr... Learn more
  19. Helping Children With Special Needs
    An understanding look at common disabilities such as autism and ADHD from a Christian perspective. Explores outside factors such as medical problems, trauma, and broken homes. Although written for teachers, it can also assist parents and any... Learn more
  20. Homeschooling Through Every Season

    Homeschooling Through Every Season is a collection of articles meant to help families stay strong through the changing seasons of life.

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  21. Homeschooling With Joy
    Are your lofty goals growing dim and your focus turning to survival? If that's where you are, or what you want to avoid, this collection of articles offers encouragement and practical help. Written by home educators who have learned valuable... Learn more
  22. How to Change a Suit
    This compilation is for those interested in changing suit coats, from lapel to straight collar. It consists of the chapter on changing suits from Sewing for Conservative Men, plus tips from several other contributors. Learn more
  23. Just Can It!

    Just Can It! includes charts and templates for recording canning and freezing records, gardening records, garden plot records, flower bed records, pictures, and recipes.

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  24. Making a Cape Dress
    Do you want to learn how to sew a modest cape dress but aren't sure where to start? This helpful how-to book contains step-by-step guidance on choosing and modifying a pattern, gathering supplies, cutting out the pieces, and sewing the dress... Learn more
  25. The Master Teacher
    Portrays the teaching methods of Jesus as the most noble and inspirational examples for Christian teachers of today to follow. Arranged in an easy-to-use format, this book can be used as a devotional book and as a reference work for the teac... Learn more

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