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  1. Alex and His Prayer

    Alex slipped his hand into his pocket. Something did not feel right. His pocketknife, the one he had found in the dirt under the deck, was gone!

    Alex's foster family had told him about Jesus. Does God really answer prayer?

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  2. Blind Johnnie
    Johnnie Wenger learns to find his way around the farm and community without seeing. He overcomes many obstacles while making brooms, assembling farm equipment, and running a store. An inspirational and true story told for children. Learn more
  3. Blind Martha
    All around Martha are beautiful things she cannot see–the green grass, the sky, and the light of the sun. But Martha's life is full of light because she walks with God. She spreads sunshine wherever she goes. Her neighbors know her as a pers... Learn more
  4. Clouds of War

    Clouds of war rolled over the Cloister where the Martyrs Mirror was being printed. A knock was heard on the door. It was the soldiers, and they demanded that unbound copies of the Martyrs Mirror be handed over.

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  5. Four Angels
    A powerful children's story about prayer, God, and angels. Read Grandma Lizzie's story of how a simple four-line poem changed the minds of thieves in their house. Full-color illustrations. Learn more
  6. Friend Penn
    With its fascinating color illustrations, this book is an enjoyable way for children to learn about William Penn. Instead of stealing the Indians' land, Friend Penn wanted to buy it fairly with cloth, mirrors, and other goods from the Old Wo... Learn more
  7. Peter's Puppy Chores
    Peter and his big sister Arlene have ten Saint Bernard puppies. Peter learns to care for the puppies, carefully feeding them, playing with them gently, and showing them lots of love. Learn more
  8. Samuel's Choice

    Samuel learns about nonresistance when the soldiers take all their food during the Revolutionary War. As the community opens their home to wounded soldiers, it slowly dawns on Samuel that Christ does not expect him to do nothing.

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  9. A Single Page
    How excited Andrew is when Grandfather asks him to come along on the long wagon ride to the Ephrata Cloister! He can hardly believe that he will finally get to see the printing press and the great Martyr Book he has heard so much about. Foll... Learn more
  10. Something for Seymour
    Old Seymour sits and rocks all day in his old house high on the hill. He knows he is not like most folks. "A-ain't t-too smart," Seymour says. Other people tease old Seymour and call him names. But today . . . something is going to happen. H... Learn more

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