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  1. A Good Minister

    Written from the heart and life of an experienced minister, A Good Minister provides warm, practical, and inspirational counsel for the newly ordained, veteran ministers, or anyone with Christian leadership responsibilities.

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  2. Are Written Standards for the Church?
    Lighthouse Series Booklet. This booklet provides balance in a day when many say that written church standards are not necessary, that the Bible is our only written standard, or that we cannot speak to issues unless they are specifically spel... Learn more
  3. Basic Bible Studies
    A twenty-lesson study guide and workbook especially designed for use in instructing applicants for church membership. The first several lessons cover spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. The remaining lessons cover the Eighteen Artic... Learn more
  4. Called to Be a Layman
    Although written for the unordained who have gone through the lot, this pamphlet reassures any brother that for now, God would have him serve in the church as a layman. Learn more
  5. The Christian and Authority
    Lighthouse Series Booklet. Are you ready for a spiritual checkup? Let this concise booklet lead you through a short diagnostic test, checking for the sin known as a close relative to witchcraft–rebellion. This book also describes how Christi... Learn more
  6. The Christian and the State
    Lighthouse Series Booklet. What is the nature and function of the state? Can a Christian take part in politics? Should he help vote "good" men into office? This pamphlet outlines Scriptural principles answering these and related questions. E... Learn more
  7. The Church - Book 3
    Though it is sometimes very small, God has always had a faithful remnant. This is a study of that remnant–the church.Book 3 in the Growing in the Word Series. Learn more
  8. Church Matters
    Disagreements and church splits can be disillusioning, both to those within our churches and to seekers. How can people with different views and gifts work together to achieve Jesus' vision of church unity? Gary Miller compares the current s... Learn more
  9. Come and See
    New faces, unfamiliar culture, different applications of the Bible-visiting a new church can be an overwhelming experience! In this pamphlet, David Peters shares what stood out to him on his first visit to a conservative Mennonite church. He... Learn more
  10. Come and Stay
    In this pamphlet, David Peters shares some of the challenges he and his wife encountered while blending into an Anabaptist fellowship, and gives practical advice for both parties in pushing aside the glass wall between newcomers and church m... Learn more
  11. Faithful in All Things

    Is your husband called to church leadership? Then you, too, are called to fill a special place of service for the Lord. But what if the calling feels overwhelming, encompassing your life and looming larger than you can manage?

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  12. I Will Build My Church
    In Christian literature, the universal church is lifted up though innumerable books and songs, but what about the local church? Can we rejoice in the local body? With conviction and passion Val Yoder illustrates a vision for the church, wher... Learn more
  13. Plain Speaking

    Written specifically for nonseminary-trained laymen and ordained leaders, Plain Speaking presents the steps of developing and delivering effective sermons and devotional messages.

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  14. Pursuing Peace in the Church and Community
    Lighthouse Series Booklet. We all face challenges in relationships, but there is plenty we can do to live in peace with those around us. Using examples from Scripture and lessons from life, this booklet gives practical advice on how to move ... Learn more
  15. Returning to God and the Church

    Lighthouse Series Booklet. Confusion, guilt, despair. These are the feelings of the lost backslider. Without help, many never return to the secure place of forgiveness and reconciliation.

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  16. Servant Leadership
    Are you called to a leadership position in the church? What a privilege and responsibility! Jesus calls leaders to be shepherds of His sheep, not lord's over His heritage. This booklet includes both Biblical principles and real-life stories. Learn more
  17. The Story Behind the Versions

    The Story Behind the Versions tells how the Scriptures have been preserved and lays out the principles and philosophy of translation. Then, it explores the history and trustworthiness of modern versions...

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  18. We Sought and Found

    We Sought and Found is about journeys–first-person accounts of individual quests for a home among a family of believers faithfully serving God.

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