Learning to Read


Helping a child learn to read is a highlight of teaching. The ability to read well unlocks an entire universe of learning that children will explore for the rest of their lives.
Christian Light’s Learning to Read course makes it easy for you to guide your student into the world of reading. Not only will you be able to help them succeed with their first-grade work, but you will also lay a solid foundation for their lifelong learning.

Easy to teach.

Proven methodology.

Comprehensive program.

After completing the Learning to Read workbooks, our daughter has become a successful reader, and her attitude about reading has improved immensely. –Wisconsin



Christian Light Learning to Read curriculum introduces and reviews the following:
  • Consonant sounds
  • Long and short vowels
  • Consonant digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh)
  • Most two-letter vowel sounds
  • Many sight words
Learning to Read integrates handwriting, spelling, and listening skills to create a complete language program for beginners.
Each sound is introduced with a picture card followed by a story. For example, for the T sound, the story of children discovering a turtle with a house captures a student’s attention.
The story ends with a fun singsong rhyme to connect the sound with the letter. The student repeats the T sound four times and then says, “Turtle Tim takes his house on top of him.”
Other subjects in first grade—particularly Language Arts—are coordinated with Learning to Read for a seamless learning experience.

Course Components



Ten LightUnit workbooks provide student exercises. The LightUnits are numbered 101 through 110, and they are completed one at a time in consecutive order. Students take a test at the end of each LightUnit.
Students begin Christian Light Language Arts Grade 1 while they are working through LightUnit 105 in Learning to Read. Language Arts Grade 1 and Grade 2 complete the phonics instruction begun in Learning to Read.


These four delightful paperback readers motivate children with the thrill of reading, starting with the first primer in LightUnit 102. The reading level of the stories advances to match the student’s progress in the LightUnits. All the stories are illustrated with pencil artwork.

Teacher's Guides

Does phonics seem intimidating? There’s no need to worry. The two teacher’s guides (one for the first half and one for the second half of the course) provide answers as well as step-by-step instructions for each lesson. They are required for teaching the course.
The teacher’s guides also include the following:
  • Summary of sounds, markings, and phonics rules
  • Activity ideas
  • Games for reinforcement
  • Daily and yearly schedules for planning the course
  • Student pages with answers filled in

Letter Flash Cards

A letter card with a picture that goes along with a short story and a rhyme are used to introduce each consonant, vowel, and digraph sound. The story and rhyme contain words that use the new sound. Students memorize the rhyme to rivet the sound in their minds.
This set of 35 cards is available in two formats: Wall Cards are larger (8.5″ x 11″) and Flash Cards are smaller (4″ x 5″).

Word Flash Cards

Each card in this set of 224 cards lists a single word. The teacher’s guides give instructions on drilling the flash cards. Regular drilling improves word recognition and blending sounds.

Phrase Flash Cards

Each card in this set of 228 cards lists a phrase. These Phrase Cards help a student progress beyond reading one word at a time to reading sentences quickly.


Support Items

Sight Word Flash Cards

This set of 90 cards teaches Learning to Read sight words through colorful art and descriptive sentences. Use them in teaching sessions as a fun way to speed up the process of memorizing sight words.

Sound Slider

A sturdy, laminated device with sliding letters that gives a student practice blending consonants with vowels.

Practice Sheets

Two booklets (101-105 and 106-110) of reproducible worksheets provide practice for the student who needs extra reinforcement.

Learning to Read Training Set

If phonics is unfamiliar to you, this CD and workbook set is one way you can learn about methods, procedures, and sounds.

Christian Light Learning to Read really has been a wonderful choice for us. I can highly recommend the program.

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