Practical High School Electives

Give your students the opportunity to gain practical experience and learn valuable skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.



Changing the oil in the car. Preparing a nutritious homemade meal. Raising vegetables in the backyard. Don’t we all have things we wish we had learned back when we were younger?
High school electives allow students to expand their education into fields of interest beyond the traditional academic subjects.
This knowledge helps students prepare for their careers or gives them skills for everyday living. Either way, high school electives are an excellent way you can help your students prepare for life.



You can choose from a wide range of elective courses for both young men and young women in high school. Some of these courses are full-credit courses and some are half-credit courses.
Some courses, such as Small Gas Engines, Exploring Woodworking, and Home Economics, call for additional materials outside the course material, though these additional materials are not always required.

Course Components


Most of these courses are based on textbooks produced by other publishers. Christian Light develops a student guide and tests for these courses. The teacher’s material includes answers and teacher’s notes.
Several courses, such as Home Economics and Consumer Math, use only LightUnit workbooks with no textbook.
Some of the elective textbooks are expensive. To save money, you can sometimes find used textbooks online by searching by the ISBN.
The following chart lists each high school elective and shows the grade levels that we recommend it be taken. Most of these electives can be taken at any grade in high school. A few of the more advanced courses we recommend taking in 11th or 12th grade.
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