Simply Organized

Simply Organized is a three-ring binder that can comfortably hold 300 recipes. Clear, durable plastic sleeves come with two pockets on each sleeve. A selection of three card sizes will fit easily into these pockets and can be seen from both sides. There are 12 full-color tabbed divider sheets with each binder. Each tabbed divider names the food group in that section. An index on the back of the divider sheet allows you to list the recipes in that section in the order you place them in your binder. Write the number of your recipe in the small box on the top right corner of each recipe card. Corresponding numbers entered in the index and on each recipe card make it easy to find the recipe you wish to locate.

Includes tab dividers and five each of the three different sleeves with accompanying recipe cards.

9.25 x 11.25
3-ring binder
Vision Publishers
Unavailable on Sunday
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