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Not everyone enjoys math, but nearly everyone uses it every day. Christian Light Math relates math to everyday life and makes it practical . . . and doable for every student.

We love Christian Light Math! It has revolutionized homeschool math for us and we are so grateful. –Georgia



Christian Light Sunrise Math introduces concepts in incremental steps and reinforces them continuously. Concepts are quizzed or tested only after they have been reviewed for five days or more. New concepts are taught to the student through the student's daily work to allow independent learning.

Incremental learning

Instead of being confronted with entire lessons or chapters on a single concept, students are introduced to several simple concepts simultaneously. Each increment easily becomes part of the student’s “big picture” not only because it is small, but also because it fits with what they have already learned.

Continuous review

Christian Light’s Math is designed with consistent, systematic review so students remember what they learn. Instead of having a grand review at the end of the year, approximately two-thirds of most lessons is review. This enables student not only to learn, but to retain important concepts for the whole year.



Memorization of the basic number facts in all four operations is emphasized in the first four grades, using daily oral exercises, daily speed drills, and Christian Light’s own built-in flash-card system. Basic geometry, the money system, problem solving, mental math, and number patterns are also introduced early and reviewed constantly.
The metric and U.S. systems of measurement are taught simultaneously with equal emphasis. Hands-on exercises teach concepts of space and quantity early in the curriculum.
Beginning in Grades 4 & 5, basic algebra concepts are incorporated along with more complex arithmetic skills such as long division, decimals, and fraction operations. True-to-life story problems with a Biblical worldview help children understand how math permeates daily life.
Grades 7 and 8 assume mastery of basic arithmetic and concentrate on consumer math, geometry, and pre-algebra.
The first LightUnit in each grade level (beginning with Grade 2) is a review of concepts that should have been mastered in the previous grade. These -01 LightUnits may be used as diagnostic tools along with, or in place of, our Math Diagnostic Tests to determine whether an incoming student is ready for the rest of that level.
From Grades 2-8, each grade has a special-interest theme that appears in story problems and nuggets of information. For example, Math 400 focuses on different countries of the world; Math 600 gives facts about famous mathematicians in history; and Math 700 and 800 devote each LightUnit to an occupation.

Math was a misery for our girls before using Christian Light, but now they are doing really well. –Nevada

High School


Grade 9 – Algebra 1
Algebra 1 is the only high school math course currently available in Sunrise Edition. It is available in two formats: 10 LightUnit workbooks or a textbook. The exercises are the same in both formats. The textbook is more colorful and enables students to refer to previous lessons more easily. The LightUnit study option allows students to work exercises directly in the LightUnits instead of using other paper.
Grade 10 – Geometry
Grade 11 – Algebra 2
Grade 12 – Functions and Trigonometry
Grades 10-12 are currently available only in non-Sunrise LightUnit format. Daily work is not divided into lessons, but students complete several pages each day.

Course Components



Ten LightUnit workbooks in each grade teach new concepts and provide student exercises. The LightUnits are numbered 01 through 10 (for example, 301 through 310 for Grade 3), and they are completed one at a time in consecutive order. Each LightUnit (except the first LightUnit in each grade) contains two quizzes and one test.


Grades 4-6 and Grade 9 are available in either LightUnit or textbook format. You choose. The textbooks are more colorful, while the LightUnits allow students to do their work right on the page. If you choose the textbook method of study, you do not need LightUnits, and vice versa.
Both LightUnits and textbooks work well in self-study environments.

Teacher's Guides

Grades 1-8 feature Teacher’s Guides with solutions filled in on student pages and are required for Grades 1-2 and Algebra 1 (Grade 9). These Teacher’s Guides also provide teaching instructions, extra practice, and alternate tests. The Teacher’s Guides for Grades 10-12 show completed solutions.

Answer Keys

Grades 3-8 and Grades 10-12 feature Answer Keys that provide answers but not solutions. These Answer Keys are optional if you use the Teacher’s Guides. The answers are in a list format rather than a copy of the student page and do not include full solutions for every problem.
For the textbook study, answer keys provide full solutions.

Flash Cards

Addition/Subtraction flash cards are an integral part of Grades 1 and 2. Multiplication/Division flash cards are essential for Grades 3 and 4. To make it easy for you and your student, instructions tell you exactly which cards to drill on which days.

Reference Charts

Three optional reference charts contain math facts, formulas, and much more: Elementary (Grades 2-6), Intermediate (Grades 5-8), and Advanced (Grades 7-8).


You can order a student clock from Christian Light. For other manipulatives for teaching math, simply use everyday objects such as blocks, toothpicks, craft sticks, Legos, and crayons.

Math Skill Development Sheets

Three worksheet booklets covering Algebra; Geometry; and Fractions, Ratios, and Proportions. In each workbook, the skills build from simple to complex. These are designed for remedial work or extra practice of concepts taught in the elementary grades.

Student Placement

If you are not sure which grade level of Christian Light is right for your student, use Christian Light’s diagnostic test. You can purchase paper copies or download a digital file for free.

We love Christian Light math–no more tears or hatred of math class. It's so simple and clear.

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