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Why piece together multiple programs when you can get it all in one? Discover a comprehensive grammar, writing, and spelling curriculum combined in one easy-to-use package.

I can’t say enough good things about the math and language books my older boys are using! Love, love, love them!! –Texas



Christian Light Language Arts teaches grammar, composition, spelling, listening, oral communication, research, and study skills.

Incremental learning

New concepts are introduced in small, easy-to-understand increments. Like blocks in a wall, these increments build on each other, helping students master new concepts little by little over time.

Continuous review

Christian Light Language Arts is designed with consistent, systematic review so students remember what they learn. Instead of a lengthy review at the end of the year, each lesson includes a review section.



The elementary levels of curriculum cover grammar, language mechanics, and diagramming. Spelling is built into the course as students work with assigned spelling words in each lesson. Penmanship practice rounds out the comprehensive curriculum.
Creative writing assignments are included in the lessons in Grades 1-6. In Grades 7 & 8, creative writing depends on teacher initiative and uses the handbook On Teaching Writing.

High School


Christian Light offers two high school English courses and two high school Literature courses:
English I - This course focuses on grammar and usage. It also includes four LightUnits on writing and speaking. Recommended for Grade 9.
Literature I - Based on the literature textbook Perspectives of Life in Literature. Sections include short stories, poetry, biographies, selections on Christian victory, and allegories.
Literature I is available in either LightUnits or worksheet format. Recommended for Grade 10. Worksheets require more teacher involvement.
English II - This course teaches composition and literature study skills. Recommended for Grade 11.
Literature II - Based on the literature textbook Perspectives of Truth in Literature, which includes an anthology on truth, poetry, essays, and Scripture selections. Recommended for Grade 12.

For Reading, Language Arts, and Math, Christian Light is the most straightforward, affordable, wholesome, thorough and rigorous—yet incrementally gentle—curriculum I have come across.

Course Components



Ten LightUnit workbooks in each grade teach new concepts and provide student exercises. The LightUnits are numbered 01 through 10 (for example, 501 through 510 for Grade 5). Students start with the 01 LightUnit and complete one at a time until reaching LightUnit 10.
Students take a quiz (provided in the LightUnit) for Lesson 5 and Lesson 10, and then take a test at the end of the LightUnit before proceeding to the next LightUnit.

Teacher's Guides

Grades 1-6 feature Teacher’s Guides with answers filled in on student pages. Teacher’s Guides also provide teaching tips, spelling word lists, and alternate tests. The Teacher’s Guides for Grades 7 & 8 and the high school English and Literature courses currently do not include answers (purchase the Answer Keys).

Answer Keys

Grades 3-6 feature Answer Keys that are optional if you use the Teacher’s Guides.
Answer Keys are required for Grades 7 & 8 and high school English and Literature courses because answers are not included in the Teacher’s Guides for those levels.

Phonics Cards for Grades 1 & 2

This set of 88 cards (available in two sizes) illustrates phonics rules taught in Reading and Language Arts.



Extra Practice Sheets

These optional worksheets give specific, concentrated review of new or difficult concepts. Available by grade level through Grade 8. Diagramming Practice Sheets are also available.

Reference Charts

Optional Language Arts reference charts contain parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization rules, and more. We offer three charts: Grades 3 & 4, 5 & 6, and 7 & 8.
Three informational charts are also available: State/Province Abbreviations, Suffixes/Syllables, and Plural Nouns/Capitalization.

Wall Posters

Two sets of large wall posters help grammar rules stick. Each set includes eight posters. One set contains miscellaneous charts and the other covers parts of speech.

Other Supplements

Interested in more? Go to the Language Arts supplements page to see a large selection of other supplementary items including the English Handbook, Alphabet Desk Strips, and Creative Writing resources.
Student Placement
If you are not sure which grade level of Christian Light is right for your student, have your student take Christian Light’s diagnostic test. You can purchase paper copies or download a digital file for free.
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