Reading 801-805 LightUnit Set

Sunrise 2nd Edition
Sunrise Edition and Sunrise 2nd Edition courses feature daily lesson divisions. New concepts are taught through a system of incremental learning and continuous review in Reading, Language Arts, and Math. Sunrise Edition courses were developed by Christian Light. In older courses that are not Sunrise Edition, material is presented in sections rather than daily lessons. Content and presentation are less engaging. Most of the non-Sunrise Edition courses are revised Alpha Omega Publications courses.

Using five LightUnit workbooks, students interact with selections in the reader Where Roads Diverge. Students build vocabulary; examine literary elements such as conflict, theme, and tone; interpret literary techniques such as metaphors, symbols, allusions, irony, and foreshadowing; identify literary genres; practice types of writing; learn critical thinking skills; and respond to truths illustrated in the stories. The LightUnits provide one lesson for each story. This course contains a total of 80 lessons, including quizzes and tests.

Each LightUnit includes two quizzes and a test that should be removed from the center of the LightUnit before the student begins working in it. View the course scope and sequence.

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